Informatics and Computer Engineering in Industrial University of Tyumen

Bachelor's program


Institute of Geology and Oil and Gas Production,

Department of Cybernetic Systems



Head of the Department


Tel: +7 3452 28-30-18



Awards and achievements. The "Gold Department or Russia" Diploma.

Teaching staff. The percentage of scientific degree holders is over 80. The program is carried out by five Doctors of Sciences, 31 Candidates of Science, 11 senior lecturers, as well as leading specialists of IT companies.

Facilities and resources. Eight laboratories fitted with state-of-the-art technical equipment, a training laboratory equipped with controllers and computers that run specialized software, computer classrooms, lecture rooms with multimedia complexes, a Unitron-003 training laboratory electronic stand, learning laboratory complexes "Network Security" and "Corporate Computer Networks."

Research. Imitational modeling of transportation networks, applying intellectual methods in image recognition, mathematical models, analysis and management methods in corporate networks.

Education. The educational process includes classes in the Department's rooms and laboratories, practical modular training at the premises of partner companies, open lectures. During the educational process, state-of-the-art educational models and technologies are used: game, project and research educational methods, cooperative educational methods (team and group work).

Strategic partners. Valmet Automation, Transneft-Siberia, Tyumen Pribor, ASU Technology, NPA Vira Realtime, Tyumen Oil Research Center, HMS Neftemash, Tyumen Cardiocenter, E-Soft.

International projects and programs. The students take part in an internship program in cooperation with Valmet Automation.

Competitive advantages. High demand for the program graduates, training and research laboratories fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, highly qualified teaching staff.

Objects of professional activity: information processes, technologies, systems and networks, their instrumentation (software, organizational, technical support), methods and ways of design, debugging, production and operation of IT systems in various areas, such as administrative management, business, commerce, transportation, rail transportation, geology, oil and gas industry, geodesy and cartography, geoinformation systems, as well as companies of various profiles and all types of activity in the conditions of the economy of the information society.

Assistance and support for international students and teachers. The university meets international students, offers them dormitory accommodation assistance, helps them solve daily life and social problems. Department of International Educational Programs – Oksana Skrauch,, tel. +7 3452 68-34-05.