Sociology in North-Caucasus Federal University


North-Caucasus Federal University

Department of Sociology

Bachelor's program


LUSHNIKOV Dmitrii Aleksandrovich

Head of the Department

Awards and achievements. The educational program underwent international professional-public accreditation in 2016. For the period of 2013 - 2019 the department has implemented six grants of the research foundations: the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Teaching staff. The academic degree holders ratio is 92%. The teaching staff includes six Doctors of Sciences including two visiting professors of HeidelbergUniversity (Germany).

Facilities and resources. NCFU has all the required facilities and resources that provide a comfortable learning and social environment for students. There is a specialized classroom equipped for focus groups.

Research. The promising research areas are based on the constellation of classical sociological theories, computer science, present-day developments in combinatorics, graph theory and big data analysis algorithms, based on machine learning and building of multi-layer neural networks.

Education. The following technologies are actively used: workshops and playing technique, case study, e-learning, interactive research practical training, interactive lectures, etc. The international Master's program in Management in Non-Profit Sector is jointly implemented by NCFU and HeidelbergUniversity (Germany).

Strategic partners. The university cooperates with the World Bank, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Finance of the StavropolTerritory, the Arnest chemical plant, ELS GPS/GLONASS, HeidelbergUniversity (Germany), University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Canada), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia).

International projects and programs. Teachers and students participate in the following programs: Tempus Tuning, Bachelor's program "Sociología" at Complutense University of Madrid (Madrid, Spain), Dresden University of Technology (Germany), HeidelbergUniversity (Germany); the Immanuel Kant program jointly financed by DAAD and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Competitive advantages. The teaching staff is highly qualified. The university is actively involved in international cooperation and research; modern methods of research, data processing and analysis are used.

Assistance and support for foreign students and teachers. Internationalization of the educational and research process is one of the university's top priorities. To support foreign students and teachers, NCFU established the Department of International Cooperation.