Department of Biotechnology,

Department of Food Technology and Engineering

Bachelor’s program


LODYGIN, Aleksei Dmitrievich

Head of the Department of Applied Biotechology



OBOTUROVA, Natalia Pavlovna

Head of the Department of Meat Processing and Canning Technology


Awards and achievements of the educational program. Official state accreditation (2015) and professional-public accreditation (2014, the accrediting authority—the National Centre for Public Accreditation).

The teachers of the department win grants: “Life Science research school” (the grant of the Russian Federation President), “Development of innovative fermented milk products technologies using food functional ingredients,” “Project for creation and development of engineering centers and companies at the premises of higher education institutions under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia,” “Production design of pharmacopoeial lactose.”

North-Caucasus Federal University also offers a Master's program in Food Products of Animal Origin.

University partners within the educational program. Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology (University), Voronezh University of Engineering Technologies, the All-Russian Research Institute of Meat and Milk Industry, Volga Research Institute of Production and Processing of Meat and Dairy Products (Russia); Belarusian State University; University of Milan (Italy); the Technical University of Munich (Germany); AgroParisTech University (France); the University of Reading (UK); meat and milk production enterprises of the Stavropol Territory.

Students’ and alumni’s achievements. Students regularly participate in all-Russian and international conferences and exhibitions.

Graduates are in great demand at food and bio-industry enterprises, at various agencies for consumer rights protection and respective research institutions.

Many of them are teachers or heads of specialized enterprises: S.V. Anisimov, Director General of the Stavropol Dairy Plant, Iu.I. Kovalev, Director General of the National Union of Pig Breeders of Russia, Doctor of Engineering Sciences.

Facilities and resources. NCFU has all the facilities and resources required to offer its students proper learning opportunities (equipment for analysis of food raw material composition and properties, spectrophotometry, cryoscopy, refractometry, miscroscopy as well as pilot facilities for baro- and electro-membrane fractionation of food raw material and biological objects).

Opportunities for students. Students get their field placement at the leading enterprises of Belarus, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Germany as well as the Stavropol Territory, at the Center of Biological Engineering of NCFU. Students can also join academic mobility programs (Erasmus Mundus), apply for internal NCFU grants as well as international academic projects in cooperation with partner universities of Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Canada.

Employment prospects. Process engineer, chief process engineer, engineer, laboratory technician at a food processing enterprise or a research institute, inspector at a supervisory agency.

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