Biotechnology in North-Caucasus Federal University

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Awards and achievements. The program underwent state accreditation in 2020 and professional-public accreditation carried out by the National Centre for Public Accreditation in 2017.

Teaching staff. Among 18 regular lecturers and dual jobholders at the degree-granting department of applied biotechnology and the specialized department of milk and dairy product technology are six Doctors of Sciences, Professors, 12 Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors, including two visiting foreign professors (Belarus, Tajikistan).

Facilities and resources for the research and educational process include state-of-the-art devices for express analysis of composition and properties of food raw material and biological objects, high-performance liquid chromatography, microscopy and microcomputer tomography, determination of the antioxidant activity of biological objects, pilot plants for baro- and electro-membrane fractionation of food raw material. Students undertake internships at food and pharmaceutical industry enterprises in Stavropol and the Stavropol Territory.

Research is conducted as part of the scientific schools "Living Systems" (under the supervision of the RAS Academician A.G. Khramtsov and Professor I.A. Evdokimov), "Factor Variability of Morphofunctional Status and Biotechnological Aspects of Managing a Living System in Ontogenesis " (under the supervision of Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences L.D. Timchenko).

Strategic partners. Stavropol Dairy Plant, the DMP grocery supplier, Stavropol Brewing Plant, Stavropol Biofactory, the Biocom pharmaceutical company, the SciTech research and production association.

International projects and programs. NCFU implements cooperation programs with Belarus State University (Minsk), University of Milan, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (Italy), Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra (Portugal), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Laval University (Canada).

Competitive advantages. The results of basic and applied research conducted by NCFU's leading scientific schools are introduced into the educational process. Unique equipment is used in the learning process and research. Students have an opportunity to follow the continuing education path: Bachelor's degree-Master's degree, individual learning paths as part of academic mobility programs.

Assistance and support for international students. Internationalization of the educational and research process is one of NCFU's top priorities and is a strategically important vector of university development. NCFU has the International Cooperation Department.

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