Chemical Engineering in Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design

Bachelor’s program (majors: Chemical Engineering of Organic and Inorganic Substances; Chemical Engineering, Bio- and Nanotechnologies of Fibrous Materials), Master’s program


Institute of Applied Chemistry and Ecology

Department of Chemical Engineering named after Prof. A.A. Kharkharov



Head of the Department

Tel. +7 812 310-13-25



Awards and achievements. The department receives letters of appreciation for the training of highly qualified engineers from enterprises and firms such as Holliday Chemicals, Novbytkhim, Indanthren, North-Eastern Center of Forensic Examination, Tsvetnaya Pechat, Volna, Lotos, Saint Petersburg Home Textile Factory, Donetzkaya Manufaktura, etc.

Teaching staff. Training is provided by five Candidates of Sciences, four Doctors of Sciences, scientists of IMC RAS, specialists of enterprises such as Novoplast, Novbytkhim, Chemconsult, Lotos, the Mariinsky Theater Workshops.

Facilities and resources. Specialized academic laboratories are equipped with synthesizers for organic and inorganic substances, digital and classic printing machines, devices for quality evaluation of textile coloration and finishing, a stiffener. In cooperation with the Gretag Macbeth firm (Switzerland), the institute established a coloration laboratory at the Textile: Color and Design center, where expert quality evaluations of coloration are carried out.

Analysis and research are conducted on the equipment of the Resource Sharing Center of the university's Institute of Applied Chemistry and Ecology (IR- and UV-spectrophotometers, an elemental analyzer, a differential scanning calorimeter and a Calvet calorimeter, a microwave activation installation, etc.).

Strategic partners. Lodz University of Technology (Poland), ITECH Lyon (France), Moscow State University of Design and Technology, Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology, IMC RAS. Students undertake internships at the top enterprises and organizations of the sector with further employment opportunities.

International projects and programs. Bachelors and Masters undertake study placement and do graduation theses as part of the Erasmus European program and the cooperation agreement with the Lodz University of Technology. The department participates in scientific and educational programs jointly implemented with the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Assistance and support for international students and teachers. Registration and Visa Department (consults international applicants and students and assists them in preparing documents proving their legal presence in Russia): Department of International Projects and Educational Programs:, tel. + 7 812 315-05-65. Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens (Russian language, art, economics, technology courses):, tel. + 7 812 310-41-49. The English language version of the website

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