Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures in Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Specialist’s program


Specializations: Construction of High-Rise and Long-Span Buildings; Construction of Hydraulic Engineering Structures of Enhanced Responsibility


Faculty of Civil Engineering

Boris Lampsi, Dean
+7 (831) 430-52-76, 430-19-49


Achievements. More than ten educational programs become laureates of the Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia annual contest. The programs “Construction of High-Rise and Long-Span Buildings” and Construction of Hydraulic Engineering Structures of Enhanced Responsibility have received professional-public accreditation by the Rosatom State Corporation. NNSUACE is one of Russia’s leaders in building information modeling (BIM) education. 

Teaching staff. Training is provided by more than 100 highly qualified teachers. More than 60% hold academic degrees of Candidate or Doctor of Sciences, and around 25% have many year’s practical experience.

Facilities and resources. State-of-the-art laboratory equipment and modern software, cutting-edge educational technologies.

Education. The Construction of Unique Buildings and Structures program offers unique educational content, study placements at foreign universities and major companies, video lectures, course and graduation projects based on real cases, advanced training
and professional retraining programs offered on favorable terms for students, including professional English courses, and guaranteed employment at Russia’s major companies.

Research. The scientists conduct basic and applied R&D in 22 research areas, take part in all-Russian and international conferences. Students work on real-life practical tasks as part of their R&D.

Strategic partners. The university has strategic partnership and cooperation agreements with universities in Russia, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, China, and other countries as well as major enterprises and organizations in the region.

Competitive advantages. Practice-oriented educational programs at different levels, highly qualified teaching staff, practical training facilities at the top organizations in the industry, popular educational programs, state-of-the-art facilities and resources, the well-developed continuing professional education system as a factor of career advancement, dormitories for Russian and international students, the comfortable campus in the city center with high
traffic convenience, the active student community.

Employers and employment. Possible professions are engineer, chief project engineer, chief specialist, and others. At calculation departments: engineer, chief engineer for calculation of unique building frames, and others. In the construction industry: job foremaster, foreman, chief engineer, and others. At the height of their career, graduates have an opportunity to hold senior positions at firms, companies, corporations as well as senior positions at federal government authorities that design, construct and supervise unique buildings and structures.

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