Economics in North-Caucasus Federal University

Bachelor’s program, Master’s program


Majors: Banking and Finance; Accounting; Economics of Organization (Bachelor’s programs), Economics of Firms; Financial and Managerial Business Analytics; Audit and Financial Consulting; Accounting, Analysis and Audit; Accounting and Economic and Legal Support of Business (Master’s programs)


Institute of Economics and Management


Lev Ushvitskii, Director

+7 (8652) 33-06-55


Accreditation. The program successfully underwent state accreditation in 2020.

Achievements. The Economics of Organization program is taught in Russian and English. The Institute of Economics and Management regularly participates in implementing the Russian President grants and the Russian Science Foundation grants.

Teaching staff. The research capacity of the departments delivering the program is built by 14 Doctors of Sciences and 39 Candidates of Sciences. The institute develops academic staff mobility. The researchers from the universities of Italy, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, the Republic of Belarus, and Kazakhstan are engaged in the teaching process.

Facilities and resources ensure all kinds of classes are conducted. There are educational and practical laboratories such as Mini-Bank for training specialists for front-and back offices of credit institutions and Mini-Exchange – a trading floor with the terminals equipped with QUIK software package.

Education. Classes are conducted offline and online on the BigBlueButton platform and in the LMS Moodle system. Active and interactive teaching methods such as interactive seminars, discussions, computer simulations, business games and role plays, case study are integrated into classes. The employers are engaged in the development of the educational programs.

Research. The Institute of Economics and Management conducts extensive research on the development of scientific foundations and practical guidelines for developing the regional economic management mechanism in market conditions.

Competitive advantages. The educational program is positively evaluated by employers. Graduates are in high demand in the job market, hold senior positions at companies, government agencies, banks. The IEM staff has been implementing the social entrepreneurship and financial literacy projects since 2014 and annually holds Olympiads for school and university students, hackathons, quests, and other events.

Employers and employment. The organizations employing graduates are Rosneft, Gazprom, the Stavropol Territorial Division of the Southern Main Branch of the Central Bank, the SouthWestern bank of Sberbank, the Ministry of Finance of the Stavropol Territory, the Ministry of the Economic Development of the Stavropol Territory, the Federal Treasury Department of Russia in the Stavropol Territory, the Directorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in the Stavropol Territory, and other ministries, agencies and credit and financial institutions.

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