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It is not possible to come to Russia without falling in love with this wonderful country. Any international student at a Russian university will confirm this fact. You can appreciate the atmosphere of hospitality, take part in traditional Russian festivals, as well as show your talents to enter one of the Russian universities, staying outside the Russian Federation.

The Russian House (RCSC) in Ulaanbaatar holds a great number of such events that will inspire you to fulfill your big dream –to see Russia for yourself and become a Russian university student. Let’s look at the most impressive informative and entertaining activities in Mongolia.

Star Dictation “Let’s Go!”

The socio-cultural project of Rossotrudnichestvo Star Dictation “Let’s Go!” is held annually in April in Mongolia and other countries.

For the first time ever, this humanitarian event took place in 2021, on the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight to space. It brought together more than 17,000 participants from 45 countries. In 2022, the Star Dictation was written by 24,000 people in 62 countries. Since 2022, the dictation has been taken online as part of the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival. This year, the author of the dictation was Anton Pervushin, Russian writer, journalist, space science historian, and the author of fascinating science fiction and  popular science books about space.

Everyone, irrespective of their age, education and place of residence, can participate in the event. The main thing is to remind of the historic events related to the events from the space science history and find young talents.

Participants checkmark the correct words or word combinations in a special form. Those writing the dictation in other countries can choose an Arabic, Chinese, German, French, or English language version on the website.

Register, participate, and get prizes!

Russian Language Courses

The Russian House (RCSC) in Ulaanbaatar offers paid Russian language courses for everyone interested, irrespective of their age and level of education.

You can choose two-month intensive courses or year-long courses. There are also daytime courses specially designed for school leavers.

The attendees of Russian language courses take part in the traditional spring Spartakiad. In March 2023, this sports event took place at secondary school № 49 bearing the name of Marshal and twice Hero of the Soviet Union Issa Pliev. The young men and girls competed in basketball and volleyball.

The winning teams were awarded diplomas and medals, and the mentor teachers who came to cheer their students got a Sunday boost of energy and pride in their students!

The Russian House (RCSC) in Ulaanbaatar has eight regular creative associations where the citizens of the two countries do painting, singing, acting and dancing. It holds Olympiads, meetings with Russian universities’ representatives, competitive interviews for admission to Russian universities, and other events.

Battsetseg Narmandakh, Teacher and Methodologist at the Institute of Open Education

Most of our students are senior high school students from Mongolian schools who study Russian from scratch to study in Russia later. Working young people attend our courses to work with Russian companies.

Valeria Kilpyakova, Acting Director of the Russian House (RCSC) in Ulaanbaatar

We are happy that our students are not only actively engaged in studying Russian but are also keen on sports as physical fitness is a guarantee of well-being and sound knowledge. As the saying goes, a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Russian Melody Song Contest

Creative contests enjoy special popularity among Mongolian young people. The traditional Russian Melody song contest (the city of Baganur) brought together more than 100 participants this year.

The strict jury, including the staff of the Russian House (RCSC) in Ulaanbaatar, assessed the participants of different age groups in the following categories: solo performance, choir performance, and ensembles. What surprised the jury most were the vocal skills of adult competitors working in a wide variety of fields: police officers, engineers, electricians, military servants, preschool teachers, students, and, naturally, Russian language teachers.

The contest was held in two rounds. The first round was the qualifying round where the competitors with the highest scores made it to the finals. And then, three prize winners were identified for each age category. The Russian Melody contest winners received diplomas, money awards and advertising gifts from the event organizers and partners. The Russian House (RCSC) prepared book gifts for the smallest winners and young Russian language teachers.

Broad Shrovetide

People in Ulaanbaatar have a lot of fun celebrating Shrovetide in a big way. This year, around 1,000 people came to the Russian House (RCSC) to celebrate the traditional Russian festival.

This folk festival is traditionally celebrated in Russia at the end of winter and marks the beginning of spring. According to centuries-old traditions, it is customary to broadly celebrate farewell to winter, welcome guests with generous treats, and have fun.

At the Russian House (RCSC) in Ulaanbaatar, this festival has long become a wonderful tradition, but it was not celebrated due to the pandemic for several years in a row. This year, the event coincided with the Mongolian national holiday.

The spectators were having a great time to the accompaniment of music and dance performances, singing and dancing, taking the Shrovetide pole by storm, taking part in a wide variety of games, larks, and contests, eating pancakes, and dancing in a round.

The Broad Shrovetide lottery drawing became a long-expected peak of the festival. Thirty prizes from the Russian universities, Russian House (RCSC) in Ulaanbaatar and the partners of the Rossotrudnichestvo representative office in Mongolia –companies such as Aeroflot, Gazprombank, Monretrans, the Sezam proper nutrition factory, the FIX PRICE store – were drawn among the event participants.

History Lovers Club

In spring 2023, the Rossotrudnichestvo representative office in Mongolia opened the History Lovers Club. The classes on the common Russian-Mongolian history bring together Mongolian young people, historians from Russia and Mongolia, and members of Russian non-governmental organizations.

Davaazhav Bayartogtokh, Head of the History Lovers Club, Doctor of Sciences in History

Studying the topics related to Russian- Mongolian cooperation will be a key area of our club’s activities. Our countries are bound by decades of friendship. The history of Russian-Mongolian relations is rich in interesting facts, which, most regrettable, are unknown to many modern young people. Meanwhile, we should remember history because it is an essential part of our countries’ lives.

The club welcomes everyone interested in the historic events of Mongolian-Russian cooperation. The club is open to all interested people, and it will hold monthly meetings at the Russian House (RCSC). Follow the announcements.

International Contest “Tell the World About Your Motherland”

Mongolian school students took an active part in the 5th International Contest “Tell the World About Your Motherland.” The organizers stated that 17 works dedicated to the historical landmarks, tourist attractions, and beautiful places in Mongolia became the jewels of the event.

The Innovation Center for Development and Upbringing of Children and Young People, in cooperation with the Committee of the State Duma of Russia on Family, Women and Children Affairs, with support from Rossotrudnichestvo, announced the start of the contest in spring 2023. Mongolian children quickly joined in the project.

Under the terms of the contest, children and young people from all over the world were supposed to choose the most interesting moments of their country’s life and make a video or presentation about them. Every year the contest participants’ works are published on the Internet, broadcast in Russian and foreign mass media as well as on major state and public platforms.

During the contest “Tell the World About Your Motherland” the participants sent around 10,000 works from 89 regions of Russia and 52 countries. The fifth season brought together the representatives of 35 countries, including Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, and Vietnam.

What did the Mongolian children tell the world about their Motherland? For example, Khadbaatar Gantulga sent his work in the Video category in the age group of over 15. In his video, he told us about the national park “Mongolia 13th Century.” Chinbat Erhembayar presented the Genghis Khan statue in Tsonjin Boldog and told us about its size, symbolism and location.

Other works by the participants of the contest “Tell the World About Your Motherland”

Astronomical Observations with the Irkutsk Planetarium

In March 2023, the Irkutsk Planetarium came to Ulaanbaatar once again with an informative event for the residents of the region. The opportunity to observe the stars in the open air was provided by the Rossotrudnichestvo representative office in Mongolia and astronomers from Russia.

During the four days, everyone interested could observe the waxing crescent moon, Venus, Mars, and the binary stars as closely as possible.

Pavel Nikiforov, Director of the Irkutsk Planetarium (Irkutsk, Irkutsk Region, Russia)

We participate in the international exhibition “Gateway to Asia” for the second time already, and this year we came to Mongolia again with a telescope to make astronomical star observations for everyone interested.

The sky over Ulaanbaatar is always beautiful, but it is even better in the countryside – there is no artificial street lighting and illumination, and there are always a lot of stars there. We were happy that the weather was fine this time, and the Moon, Venus, and Mars observations were particularly interesting. The most spectacular observations were definitely made in the evening on March 24 when Venus was very close to the Moon. This is a rare occurrence in astronomy, and we are happy to have managed to show it to Mongolian residents.

International Contest “People of the Artek”

The most active and inquisitive children have the opportunity to go to Artek, the dream camp for many children. To get a coveted free trip ticket, you can fill in the application with your achievements or take part in the research contest.

The international research event “Artek People” is taking place on the occasion of the centenary of Artek. School students find information about the Artek campers of the past and find out what their fate was and what they achieved in life.

The contest is intended for 12-17-year-old international school students from 29 countries, including young Russian compatriots permanently residing in Mongolia. The contest winners will get a free trip to Artek for the 8th summer shift.

Konstantin Fedorenko, Director of Artek

Artek is an international children’s center with an almost century-old history. In all the years of its existence, it not only makes an indelible impression on those who were here at least once, but often dramatically influences the future of its campers.

For more events, visit the official web pages of the Russian House (RCSC) in Ulaanbaatar.

Telegram – @RussianhouseMongolia
VK – @russianhouse_mongolia

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