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Baikal State University is one of the best universities in Russia in the field of law, economics, and management, the center of attraction for international students.

BSU graduates are in high demand in the Russian and international labor markets. BSU's key business partners are Russian and international employing companies as well as municipal, regional and federal authorities.

  • 16,000 students
  • 300 PhD students
  • 500 international students |
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Tuition fees per year

1,500–1,700 USD

You can pay your tuition fees in yearly or half-yearly installments

Double degree programs

  • Linguistics; Economics; Management; Commerce

Shenyang Ligong University, China

University of International Business and Economics, China

Russian Language Institute of Manchuria, China

  • English-taught Master’s program in International Management

The most popular fields of study among Mongolian applicants

  • Economics
  • Customs Affairs
  • Banking
  • International Relations
  • Law

BSU develops cooperation with more than 50 universities in China, Mongolia, Germany, France, Austria as well as African and CIS countries.

International associations

  • Eurasian-Pacific Association of Universities
  • University Alliance of the Silk Road
  • Russian-Chinese Association of Economic Universities, etc.

International Relations Department

Elena Tikhonova,
Head of the Department

+7 3952 5-0000-8, ext. 129


  • The modern campus located in the historic center of Irkutsk
  • 4 comfortable dormitories
  • The Khudozhestvenny movie theater and culture and leisure center
  • 12 scientific journals
  • BSU Media Center – the project including student TV and radio with 24/7 airtime
  • The sports center

The university is located in close proximity to the World Heritage Site – Lake Baikal. The campus is located in the historic center of Irkutsk – within walking distance of the main sights.

Research areas

  • Government revenue generation issues
  • Macroeconomic forecasting and management
  • Environmental economics and natural resource management
  • Criminal proceedings, forensic science and forensic examination

Students having achievements in academic, sport, public and research activities have the opportunity to get various university and non-governmental scholarships. Such incentives include the Yumzhagiyn Tsedenbal scholarship established in 2019.

Center for Mongolian Studies

The center trains specialists in Mongolian studies.

At the moment, the Center is implementing the grant from the Russian Science Foundation on the topic “Mongolian Studies in Russia and Worldwide: Ethnic Schools, Concepts, Personalia.” The scientific supervisor of the project on the part of Mongolia is Zhamsrangiyn Urangua, Emeritus Professor at National University of Mongolia.

A three-volume issue dedicated to the history and current state of Mongolian studies worldwide is being prepared for the first time ever in Mongolian studies in Russia and worldwide.

The implementation of such projects with the participation of the university researchers is the recognition of the international academic standing of Baikal State University in the field of Mongolian studies and allows Irkutsk to secure the role of the leading center for Mongolian studies worldwide.

Baikal State University is the pioneer in training professional personnel for Mongolia.

For over 90 years, BSU has trained a total of more than 2,000 top-notch specialists as well as PhD and doctoral students.

Yumzhagiyn Tsedenbal, one of the first BSU graduates (1938), was Secretary General of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party and Marshal of the Mongolian People’s Republic.

BSU was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor in 1972 and the Gold Star of Yumzhagiyn Tsedenbal in 2007 for the highest excellence in strengthening friendly relations between the countries and training Mongolian leaders.

Gombozhavyn Zandanshatar, Chairman of the Great State Khural of Mongolia, BSU graduate of 1992

Graduates of Baikal State University are a primary resource of Russia's development. They are in high demand and hold leading positions in many sectors. Over the years, ten BSU graduates have been the ministers of finance of Mongolia, and five graduates have been the Central Bank directors. Historically, Baikal State University has been a link in the development of Russian-Mongolian cooperation and friendship.

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