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Buryat State University is one of the largest universities in the Far East. BSU is one of the leading specialized centers for training personnel in a wide variety of fields.

250+ international students from 20 countries

The flexible system of up to 20% discounts on the tuition fee.

The holders of a prestigious degree from Banzarov Buryat State University, who have advantageous starting positions, work in different regions of Russia and are in demand abroad.
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BSU is the center of your life


Tuition fees per year

Bachelor’s and Specialist’s programs 144,000 – 195,000 RUB

Master’s programs 155,000 – 209,000 RUB

PhD programs 182,000 – 212,000 RUB

Residency programs 232,000 RUB

Popular study programs

Students pursuing engineering fields of study undertake work placements at real enterprises-the university partners where students learn the subtle details of their profession and often get a job as early as this stage. Most graduating Bachelors are fully-fledged specialists in their field already!

Many graduates pursue Master's degrees combining the learning process with their work activities. This is facilitated by a flexible study schedule.

Mathematical Support and Administration of Information Systems

Information Systems and Databases major

The program graduates have fundamental mathematics education. The major subjects are taught by the region’s leading IT specialists.

Linguistics. Translation and Translation Studies

The BSU Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Mass Communications is known far beyond the university. It trains professional translators and interpreters!


BSU lawyers are rightfully considered the region's best! 

Oriental and African Studies

The study program includes:

  • Oriental Languages (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Mongolian) and Literature
  • History of Asian and African Countries
  • Socio-Economic Development of Asian and African Countries
  • Foreign Studies
  • Tourism

The Institute of Oriental Studies offers networking programs and exchange programs. Students have the opportunity not only to visit the target-language country but also to undertake study placements there and then embark on a Master's degree, if desired.

General Medicine

Students undertake internships at the medical institutions in the city of Ulan-Ude where they acquire skills and abilities required for such a demanding and important profession under the supervision of experienced tutors.

Applicant Guide

  1. Choose a field of study on the university website in the For Applicants section.
  2. Submit your admission documents in one of the three ways:
  • In person, to the address: Smolina Street, 24A, Room 0105, Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia
  • Via the State Services portal in the Children. Education section
  • In Applicant's Personal Account


  • The Baikal Prospect Olympiad for 9-11th graders

The winners and prize-winners of the final stage get bonus points for admission and the grant covering a 30% discount on the tuition fee.

  • The Mathematics Olympiad for applicants of natural sciences faculties

The winners and prize-winners get valuable prizes.


+7 3012 22-77-22 hotline
5:00 – 12:00 MSK, multichannel

International Relations Department

+7 3012 21-18-64

Admission Office

Unique university location

The university is located in the sunny capital of the Republic of Buryatia – Ulan-Ude, two hours' drive from Lake Baikal, one of the world's oldest water bodies, which contains the fifth part of the world's freshwater resources.

Both Baikal and the coastal areas are notable for their unmatched flora and fauna, which makes these places really unique and always attractive to scientific minds and numerous travel enthusiasts and real adventure seekers.


The university provides accommodation for all full-time students in the student dormitory.

Fee 850 – 3,100 RUB per month

Average expenses:

  • One-room apartment rental cost – 15,000 RUB and more per month
  • Lunch in a canteen – 100 RUB and more
  • Lunch in a café – 200 RUB and more


  • Research and innovation activities, development of applied research
  • Modern educational infrastructure
  • The extracurricular activity system includes plenty of sports, creative, and scientific student associations

In 2024, Ulan-Ude will start the first stage of construction of the interuniversity campus, the scientific center for education development where international students, mainly from Mongolia and China, are supposed to study Russian.

In 2024, Ulan-Ude will start the first stage of construction of the interuniversity campus, the scientific center for education development where international students, mainly from Mongolia and China, are supposed to study Russian.

The campus project includes:

  • Educational and laboratories buildings
  • Dormitories offering 2,500 places

Arrival and adaptation

Buryat State University has the system of advisors and volunteers’ assistance in solving various everyday problems.

The staff members of the International Relations Department not only meet new students at the airport or railway station but also provide assistance in contacting the Admission Office and banks, checking in at the dormitory, undergoing medical examination as well as in contacting the migration service.

Russian-Mongolian cooperation

The Buryatia Republic Government Grant covers the tuition fees for Mongolian students pursuing the preparatory educational program in Russian as a Foreign Language. The program graduates will be able to work as Russian language and literature teachers in Mongolia.

Apply for the grant

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