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Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is the leading technical higher education institution in Russia. It is included in the prestigious rankings of the world’s best universities. It provides training in fundamental and applied physics, mathematics, informatics, chemistry, biology, computer technology, and other natural and exact sciences.

Today Phystech is an advanced scientific center. Over the last years, it has set up the laboratories employing world-famous scientists. The researchers focus on the issues of aging and aging-associated diseases, applied and fundamental physics, nanooptics, quantum computing, photonics.

Founding fathers of Phystech are three Nobel laureates: Pyotr Kapitsa, Nikolay Semenov, and Lev Landau.

Phystech.Science – about science with humor


  • Phystech Schools
    • Landau Phystech School of Physics and Research
    • Radio Engineering and Computer Technology
    • Aerospace Technology
    • Electronics, Photonics and Molecular Physics
    • Applied Mathematics and Informatics
    • Biological and Medical Physics
  • Institute of Nano-, Bio-, Information, Cognitive and Socio-humanistic Sciences and Technologies
  • Higher School of System Engineering
  • Department of Technological Entrepreneurship
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Tuition fees per year

389,000 – 555,000 RUB


Vietnamese citizens can apply to MIPT for state-funded (the Russian Government Scholarship) or fee-paying places.

Admission within the quota (state-funded places)

To participate in the competitive selection, candidates stating their willingness to study in the Russian Federation within the quota must:

  • Register in the information system
  • Fill in the application form in the best possible way
  • Submit their photo, scanned passport, scanned academic credential (or certificate confirming their study period)

Based on the competitive selection results, the list of candidates is compiled. The candidates who successfully passed the competitive selection and were included in the list get the study scholarship.

NB! The number of state-funded places at MIPT for Vietnamese citizens is not limited.

To enroll at a particular phystech school, candidates who got the Russian Government quota must pass an additional selection. The selection can include the test, interview or portfolio competition.

For detailed information, you should contact the university’s International Department at

The winners of the Open Doors International Olympiad have the opportunity to enroll in a Master’s program at MIPT in a state-funded place without entrance exams.

Admission on a fee-paying basis on equal terms

To enroll in a fee-paying place, applicants must get a lower passing score in entrance exams.

Written entrance exams are held in July.

International Department

+7 498 713-91-70

Preparatory courses

The course of Russian as a Foreign Language from the beginner level to B1 for the following study areas:

  • natural sciences
  • engineering and technology

The IT Start program includes:

  • the Russian language course
  • the intensive informatics course helping students prepare for their entrance exams at the top Russian engineering and technology universities

The attendees from Syria, Egypt, Turkey, India, China, Indonesia, Latin American countries, Africa take the preparatory course.


Starting from the third year of Bachelor’s studies, students work for specialized organizations and research institutes where they have the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge they acquire.

Among the MIPT’s partner employers are Yandex, Rosneft, Sberbank, Gazprom, Rostelecom, A4 Technologies.

Do Minh Tuong, Vietnam

Studying in Russia became an exciting and challenging adventure for me. From a new country to a new culture and way of life – everything was unusual, and I had to get accustomed to it.

The language barrier became the first obstacle I had to face. Despite the difficulties, studying Russian in Russia and speaking practice did me a world of good: I became more confident, and this laid the groundwork for my educational path in Russia.

In the beginning, Russians seem to be distracted and rather grim. This impression changed after I had made friends with my fellow students. I found out that Russian people are rather friendly. Besides, the stereotypes about Russians also turned out to be false. Russians don’t play with bears and don’t drink vodka for breakfast. 

One of the key aspects of the Russian way of life that caught my attention was a focus on individualism and privacy, compared to community thinking which is predominant in Vietnamese culture. That’s why building relationships and networking with local residents required a different set of social skills and respecting personal boundaries.

The academic system, which is different from the Vietnamese one, also was a source of concern. And here, assistance provided by the teachers and staff members of the International Department turned out to be invaluable.


MIPT accommodates all international students in the dormitory. The MIPT campus is located in Dolgoprudny which is 20 minutes’ drive from Moscow, the largest city in Eastern Europe with well-known tourist attractions such as world-famous theaters, museums, historical sights, the largest shopping centers, and many others. The campus is guarded 24/7.


  • Outpatient clinic
  • Stadium
  • Sports halls for football, volleyball, table tennis, track-and-field, unarmed combat, and other sports
  • Swimming pool, tennis court


The MIPT staff members provide assistance in executing required documents to get health insurance and registration, in undergoing a medical examination and fingerprinting, and in getting bank and SIM cards and an access card.

MIPT has the international student adaptation system that includes:

  • Buddy project
  • Adaptation workshops
  • Quarterly meetings with the International Student Office staff
  • Exchange Club
  • Russian Speaking Club
  • Extracurricular activities for international students
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