Moscow State University of Technology "STANKIN"

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Bachelor's programs
Specialist's program
Master's programs, including English-taught Master's programs
PhD programs
students and PhD students
international students from 73 countries

MSUT "STANKIN" is a leading technological university for digital mechanical engineering, a first-class research center.

Graduates are in high demand in high-tech industries of the economy, at large manufacturing enterprises, in the IT industry, modern digital projects related to the Industry 4.0 technology implementation.

Popular fields of study

  • Industrial Ecology
  • Robotics and Sensorics
  • Metrology
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Development of New Materials
  • Software Engineering


  • Increased scholarships for successful students
  • Individual discounts for academic excellence and active participation in the university’s scientific and public life
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Telegram – @msutstankin
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Tuition fees per year

Bachelor’s programs 229,700 – 273,700 RUB
Master’s programs 254,400 – 299,400 RUB
PhD programs 291,000 – 317,100 RUB

Required documents

  • Identity document (Chinese citizens must get a visa first)
  • Original document confirming the level of education and (or) qualification (or its copy certified according to the established procedure) and transcript
  • Document confirming the level of education and (or) qualification and transcript translated into Russian
  • Duly executed medical records confirming that the applicant has no contraindications to studying at the university
  • 6 photos (matte, 3×4 cm) and 6 photos (matte, 2×3 cm)

Basic expenses for one year of study

  • Tuition and accommodation fees (for one year)
  • Health insurance policy (approximately 8,000 RUB)
  • Personal expenses (not less than 30,000 RUB per month)


Director of the Center of International Cooperation

Nadezhda Popova
+7 499 972-94-11
+7 499 973-39-66

Individual consultations

Telegram – @stankin2022

International Olympiads for admission

  • 'MOCT'. Multidisciplinary Olympiad for School Students

All participants get a 10% discount for the entire period of study.
Subjects: Russian language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, informatics, and social science.

  • My Career. Multidisciplinary Olympiad for Master's Degree Applicants

The winners are entitled to Master's studies funded from federal budget resources.
All participants get a 10% discount for the entire period of study.

Popular study programs among Chinese applicants

  • Informatics and Computer Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Instrument Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automation of Technological Processes and Production
  • Design and Technological Support of Mechanical Engineering Production
  • Mechatronics and Robotics
  • Technosphere Safety
  • Materials Science and Materials Technology
  • Quality Management
  • Control in Engineering Systems
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies

Preparatory department

Russian language course and university admission preparation.

Tuition fee 65,000 – 220,000 RUB

After students successfully complete their studies at the Preparatory Faculty, they can get individual discounts on their further studies at the university.

Internships and employment

MSUT "STANKIN" has more than 130 agreements with its world-class partners on joint training of specialists:

  • The university implements joint projects with the advanced Chinese universities
  • Joint study programs, graduates of which earn two academic degrees: a degree from MSUT "STANKIN" and a degree from a Chinese partner university
  • Russian-Chinese International Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing trains specialists in IT, Mechatronics and Robotics. The project is implemented jointly with Chongqing Vocational Institute of Engineering

MSUT "STANKIN" students undertake an internship at the top manufacturing enterprises and are very likely to get a job offer.

International students have the opportunity to work while studying. This helps them not only pay for their studies partially but also gain valuable experience that will come in handy when they look for a job later.

Arrival and adaptation

The university staff members:

  • meet and accompany students to the university
  • assist in executing documents and getting health insurance
  • help with accommodation

The university has created a comfortable study and living environment for its students and attendees. Individual study programs, social adaptation events, students’ engagement in research starting from their first year of study allow the university to train specialists sought after by the largest business communities all over the world.

All students have access to the whole world of new opportunities such as dancing, singing, a media center, volunteering, a cyberclub, 3 dormitories, cozy cafés, student canteens, more than 20 sports clubs, co-working areas, and a library.

Zheng Xiang Lin, China. MSUT "STANKIN" graduate (1956)

With a degree in Engineering, Zheng Xiang Lin has built an impressive career.

1956–1957 – Deputy Director at the preparation shop of Beijing Machine Tool Plant № 3.

1957–1978 – Deputy Director at Dalian Machine Tool Plant, and then Head of the Party Division at the Dalian Machine-Building Office.

1978–1985 – Party Secretary and Director at Beijing Machine Tool Building Institute of the Ministry of Machine Building of the People's Republic of China; Deputy Director at the Machine Tool Engineering Office of the Ministry of Machine Building, Party Group Member; Party Committee Secretary and Director at Beijing Machine Tool Building Institute.

1985–1987 –Deputy Executive Director at the State Science and Technology Commission, Deputy Party Group Secretary, Deputy Director at the State Planning Committee and Party Group Member.

1987–1993 – Minister of Light Industry of the PRC and Party Group Secretary.

Zheng Xiang Lin has preserved the memory of his beloved university and retained his memories over decades. He still keeps in touch with his alma mater and communicates with his fellow students.

At “STANKIN” Zheng Xiang Lin met his future wife Hu Haiying.

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