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Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design (PROMTECHDESIGN) is the leading university of digital design and industrial technologies.

Priority 2030

The University participates in the program 'Priority 2030' as a leader of education in the light industry (smart textile, smart clothing, composite materials with new properties) and the pulp and paper industry (environmentally friendly zero waste industries), digital industrial design.
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Telegram – @katerina_konsultant_spbguptd

Tuition fees per year

Secondary vocational education 52,800-168,000 RUB

Bachelor's and Specialist's programs 84,000– 468,000 RUB

Master's programs 96,000 – 456,000 RUB

PhD programs 300,000 RUB

Major fields of study

Light industry, chemical engineering, pulp and paper industry, digital technologies, information systems and technologies, electrical power engineering and heat power engineering, creative industries, design and art, and printing industry.

Aspects of admission and studies

  • Foreign applicants have the opportunity to apply for any of the programs offered by the university
  • Classes are conducted in international groups
  • All international full-time students are provided with accommodation for the entire period of their studies

Admission Office

+7 812 317-14-14, ext. 2

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Preparatory department

Provides training (offline and online) for applicants with no or low knowledge of Russian language. Our students are also offered accommodation in our dormitory.

+7 812 310-41-49
+7 921 443-28-48 WhatsApp

Educational programs offered by the Preparatory Department

International Student Adaptation Center

The University ensures a comfortable learning and living environment, as well as the adaptation of international students to new cultural traditions.

Jointly with the Adapters program, the Center holds roundtable discussions, organizes the work with other student associations of the university, speaking clubs, tours, and helps students to comply with the requirements of the Russian Federation legislation on migration registration and visa services, and provides assistance in language adaptation.

Scientific startup

The students at the SPbSUITD Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry have designed an ozone laboratory for bleaching of cellulose.

Such a laboratory can be used both by universities to conduct research and develop ozone technologies and by enterprises to replace the existing technology of bleaching cellulose using chlorine compounds.

The laboratory that develops ozone technologies in water conditioning and purification is the only counterpart of the project. To date, Russia has no laboratories developing ozone technologies in the pulp and paper industry.

Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement in Footwear Design

29.04.05 Designing of Light Industry Products

Tuition fee: 214,000 RUB per year

As part of the Master’s program "Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement in Footwear Design", a university laboratory of scientific biomechanics of movement has been created. It is equipped with a 3D foot scanner, a system of nine optical infrared cameras, two force platforms, and an electromyography system. The laboratory data helps choose individual footwear and rehabilitation footwear. In cooperation with specialists from health clinics, students conduct research on biomechanics of walking in patients with ICP and osteogenesis imperfecta. Students will study and use in their work optical motion capture systems, force platforms, wireless electromyography, 3D scanning and 3D printing as well as master footwear and shoe insole manufacturing technologies. Such an approach allows students to register biomechanical data, analyze loads on joints, spine, and muscles, and build a multi-component foot model.

Admission requirements

  • Students can be enrolled within the Russian Government quotas, in state-funded and fee-paying places

Artificial Intelligence in Information Systems

09.03.03 Applied Informatics

Tuition fee: 200,000 RUB per year

Today, applicants choosing to study artificial intelligence technologies have the greatest prospects. Here students master the general principles of data systems engineering and learn how to put them into practice. The program includes modern programming languages such as Python, C++, SQL, and VB.NET. Besides object-oriented programming, students master various artificial intelligence systems and work with BigData. The program also includes participation in the development of real-world IT projects.

Admission requirements

  • Students can be enrolled within the Russian Government quotas, in state-funded and fee-paying places
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