“That Friendship is Strong that is Sealed by Deed”

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This Russian saying reflects the main mission of Rossotrudnichestvo most briefly but precisely…

If you want to get to know the culture and traditions of Russia better, or learn Russian, or get an education at Russian universities, or just learn more about the largest country in the world and find new friends here, inquire whether your country has a Russian House and be welcome there.

In the meantime, we will introduce you to the head office of all the Russian Houses in the world – the Rossotrudnichestvo agency located in Moscow.

Rossotrudnichestvo is a federal state agency that mainly aims to promote the humanitarian and cultural values of Russia internationally. The agency is represented in 62 countries by 73 offices – Russian centers of science and culture abroad that are informally called the Russian Houses.

The main areas of activity:

  • support of international cooperation in education, science, and culture
  • popularization of the Russian language in the world
  • cooperation with non-governmental organizations of compatriots living abroad, etc.

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Russia ranks among the world’s top 5 most attractive countries for international students.

Rossotrudnichestvo actively promotes education in Russia through the Russian Houses that organize educational fairs in their countries of operation, give necessary consultations to prospective applicants wishing to study in Russia, help in mastering Russian, and assist in selecting and sending compatriots living abroad and foreign citizens to study in the Russian Federation.

Today there are around 400,000 international students in Russia, including 30,000 studying for free within the Russian Government quota. Rossotrudnichestvo is a single operator in the process of annual selection of international applicants to study for free within the government quota.

The Russian language – one of the six official languages of the UN – is the world's eighth most spoken language – it is spoken by around 260 million people.

Rossotrudnichestvo provides the most diverse comprehensive support in popularizing, learning and teaching the Russian language abroad – from free supplies of educational and methodological literature, non-fiction, and fiction to the Russian language courses organized by the Russian Houses and attended by thousands of people in many countries today.

≈ 260 million people speak Russian

Today, more than a million graduates of Russian and Soviet universities successfully work in 170 states.

Starting from the middle of the 20th century, the universities in the USSR and then in the Russian Federation have trained several generations of international specialists. Many of them have become eminent public figures and politicians such as presidents (Guyana, Azerbaijan, etc.), prime ministers (Kazakhstan, Guinea-Bissau, etc.), ministers (Guyana, Mali, Rwanda, etc.), and ambassadors (Brazil, Angola, Ethiopia, Jordan, Syria, Rwanda, Benin, Burkina Faso, etc.). Among the graduates are many senators and deputies of national parliaments, heads of governmental institutions and commercial companies. Today, thousands of international graduates of Russian universities are the scientific and teaching elite of their countries.

Rossotrudnichestvo cooperates with national associations and clubs of graduates of Russian and Soviet universities organized in more than 80 countries. Graduate associations are efficient platforms to implement joint initiatives and projects and establish and support trustworthy business, scientific, and creative contacts.

In March 2024, the city of Sochi in Russia will be the venue of one of the most large-scale youth events in the world – the World Youth Festival.

The festival will bring together 20,000 participants – Russian and international young leaders in business, media, international cooperation, culture, science, education, volunteering and charity, sport, and various fields of public life.

Rossotrudnichestvo, an organization with great experience in implementing international youth projects, will take part in preparation for the festival and the post-festival work.

Besides, the agency invites around 2,000 people to Russia every year as part of popular projects “Hello, Russia!” and “New Generation.” These are the programs of short-term familiarization and educational tours to Russia for young compatriots living abroad as well as for young active people – politicians, young researchers, business people, and volunteers from all over the world.

World Youth Festival

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