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international students were enrolled in 2023 (+38% compared with 2022)
students from 46 countries are studying at TverSMU

Tver State Medical University is one of the advanced medical universities in the Russian Federation. The university trains doctors in such programs as General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry and pharmacists in charge in the Pharmacy program. The university focuses on clinical work and the introduction of up-to-date methods at its own clinical facilities. The clinical facilities are regional multidisciplinary hospitals, city hospitals, and the university clinic and dental outpatient clinic. The university has a multidisciplinary accreditation and simulation center equipped with simulators, manikins and phantoms designed for high-quality acquisition of medical therapeutic and diagnostic manipulations.
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Entrance exams

Foreign citizens and stateless persons are enrolled based on the results of internal entrance exams held by the university.

  • Those applying for such specialties as General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing Care take exams in Chemistry and Biology
  • Those applying for the Clinical Psychology program take exams in Biology and Mathematics

Required documents

  • application
  • identity document
  • education or qualification document (documents)

If necessary, documents must be translated into Russian and legalized.

There are two ways to submit documents:

  1. in person, to the address: 4, Sovetskaya street, Tver, 170100
  2. via Personal Account on the university website

Admission Office

Room № 12, 4, Sovetskaya street, Tver, 170100
+7 4822 57-22-00
+7 910 930-07-29


Only state-funded students get scholarships.

  • state academic scholarship
  • increased state academic scholarship

Russian as a foreign language

At TverSMU, Russian as a foreign language is taught both in mono- and multiethnic groups, taking into account the aspects of students’ native language and mentality, including their ethnic and religious affiliation, socio-political order of their home country, cross-gender interaction standards, and cultural values and norms.

Classed are conducted in small groups by experienced teacher trainers who hold degrees of Candidates of Sciences and Doctors of Sciences.

  • When studying Russian, students consolidate acquired language skills (business games and roleplays, case studies, etc.)
  • The university organized the independent work system to study Russian every day
  • Students use Russian as a foreign language study programs on online platforms

Popular study programs

General Medicine

A physician who diagnoses, treats and prevents diseases.

Mode of study: full-time

Language of instruction: RU  / EN

Duration: 6 years

Qualification: physician

Prospective position: district physician, preventive medicine physician, admitting physician

Junior students study fundamental medical sciences in depth. From the third to the sixth year of study, practical classes and lectures are given mainly at numerous clinical facilities – the regional clinical hospital, cardiologic and psychoneurologic dispensaries, and hospitals in the city of Tver.


A pediatrician is a doctor who works with children of different age groups and is responsible for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. The profession of pediatrician is considered one of the most difficult, but at the same time the most interesting professions in medicine.

Mode of study: full-time

Language of instruction: RU 

Duration: 6 years

Qualification: pediatrician

Prospective position: pediatrician, preventive medicine physician, admitting physician

The faculty's clinical facilities are the regional perinatal center, the regional children's clinical hospital, and almost all children and adult healthcare organizations in Tver.

Clinical Psychology

A clinical psychologist at healthcare institutions is a specialist responsible for participation both in psychodiagnostic psychocorrectional activities and the treatment process in general.

Clinical psychologists work with different groups of people. They provide care to patients who have a psychological trauma, suffer from acquired or congenital diseases, and need social adaptation.

Mode of study: full-time

Language of instruction: RU 

Duration: 5.5 years

Qualification: clinical psychologist

Prospective position: medical psychologist


A dentist is a doctor who identifies, treats and prevents stomatopathies.

Mode of study: full-time

Language of instruction: RU 

Duration: 5 years

Qualification: dentist

Prospective position: dentist

The TverSMU Faculty of Dentistry is one of the oldest in Russia. It is the successor of the famous Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) Dental School of Ivan Pashutin.

Students are engaged in practical activities starting from the first years of study. The main clinical facility is the multidisciplinary university dental outpatient clinic fitted with state-of-the-art equipment.


A pharmacist in charge is a pharmacy specialist whose activities are related to manufacturing, packaging, storage, transportation, state registration, certification, standardization and quality control, sale, advertising, use of drugs and destruction of drugs that have become unusable.

Mode of study: full-time

Language of instruction: RU

Duration: 5 years

Qualification: pharmacist in charge

Prospective position: pharmacist in charge, pharmacy technician

The program includes hands-on simulation training at the multidisciplinary accreditation and simulation center and training pharmacy, industrial work placements at the facilities of the best pharmacy institutions in Tver, and experimental study of new drug products. Students participate in pharmacoeconomic and microbiological studies.

The university organizes diverse extracurricular activities for students

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