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Continuing the journey through immense Russia, we invite readers to visit the city of Tambov, a fascinating city with a rich history, eventful cultural life and beautiful sights. Today the city, founded in the 17th century, is a prime example of a harmonious combination of Russian province still preserving national color, spirit and beauty and comfortable modernity with well-developed infrastructure.

Tambov, Tambov Region, Russia

Population - 290,000 residents

The city of Tambov is located in the European part of central Russia, in a picturesque area on the bank of the Tsna River, 460 km southeast of Moscow.

The climate in Tambov is favorable, moderately continental. The winter season comes in December. Summers are usually long and warm.

Average temperature

  • Winter -8 °С
  • Summer +21 °С

Tambov is a dynamically developing and compact city with a well-developed transport network and a wide range of available services. No matter where you live in the city, it will not take a lot of time and effort to get to the university facilities. Regular public transport and affordable taxis are always available. Within walking distance you will find stores, pharmacies, cafés, outpatient clinics, gyms, libraries, dormitories– all services every student needs for a happy and comfortable life and study.

For many years, Tambov has been a popular place attracting international young people from all over the world. Here you can easily find many friends from various multicultural communities. And the friendly atmosphere and hospitable local people make this place really unforgettable.

Tambov is included in the official list of Russian cities with the most favorable living environment.

The cost of living in Tambov is affordable compared with other major Russian cities. Here you can live a comfortable life, without spending a lot of money. Accommodation and transport costs are especially low.

It is convenient to travel throughout Russia from Tambov: railways and highways connect it with a huge number of large and well-developed regions of the country. There is a regular flight connection with many Russian cities.

The average cost of living in Tambov is around $385 per month, including housing rent and utilities, food and transport. Tambov is ranked among 7% of the world's cheapest cities.

Tambov is located in the most environmentally friendly region of Russia. According to the National Environmental Ranking of Russian regions, the Tambov Region has been the unchanging leader since 2011.

In Tambov, you can find authentic “treasures” of real Russia. You will always be able to choose something from many interesting things: visiting unique museums, monuments, and picture galleries with painting masterpieces and modern exhibitions, spending cultural nights at one of the oldest Russian theaters, having a picnic in numerous green parks of the city, skating on ice rinks, or going to concerts with your friends.

The content has been prepared in cooperation with Derzhavin Tambov State University. The photos for the article have been provided by Derzhavin University. Photographer Viktoria Kuznetsova.

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