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Every year Sechenov University attracts thousands of talented international students and offers them an opportunity to get a high-quality education in Russian or English pursuing Specialist’s, residency, Bachelor’s, Master’s programs and test their acquired skills at the leading clinics at the university and in Russia as well as at the state-of-the-art simulation center.

Sechenov University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation is the oldest internationally recognized medical university in Russia.

  • 80+ partner universities, including top Iranian universities

Educational programs taught in Russian and English

The higher education programs offered by Sechenov University are the gold standard of medical education in the Russian Federation and are ranked among the Top 300 medical programs in the world. The modern clinical campus in Russia offers each student an opportunity to develop a unique set of competencies starting from the first year of study.

The university graduates are part of the professional elite of global healthcare.

Training of engineers and cross-functional specialists in the following fields:

  • Nanomaterials
  • Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling
  • Information and Information Technologies
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Medical Engineering

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VK – @abiturient_mgmu


  • Interdisciplinary biomedical and medical education
  • Practice-oriented curricula
  • A wide range of research topics for scientific projects
  • Project activity starting from the first year of study
  • Competencies at the nexus of specialties and sciences: bioengineering, research, technological and entrepreneurial competencies
  • Joint international projects
  • Academic and clinical mobility programs
  • Student Olympiads in emergency medicine, oncology, epidemiology, and others


Till June 20 – submitting online applications at  international.sechenov.ru/en

From June 20 – submitting applications and registering for an exam at  abiturient.sechenov.ru

Preparatory Department

The Russian language course at the university’s Institute of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication.

Subjects: Russian as a Foreign Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics.

Master’s / PhD programs

Duration: 2 years

  • 16 unique fields of study, traditional professions and professions of the future
  • 25 majors
  • 3 English-taught programs 
  • 3 internationally accredited programs
  • Breakthrough research at the Biomedical Science and Technology Park

Residency / PhD programs

Duration: 2, 3, 4 years

  • 70+ clinical medicine specialties
  • High-tech medicine в residency
  • Planning an individual learning track for a future career
  • Getting to work on a thesis while studying
  • Laparoscopic and robotic surgery, laser technologies at a clinic, reconstructive microsurgery, digital diagnostics
  • 3,000+ beds at the clinical center
  • Praxi-Medica: simulation centers for honing surgical skills
  • Vetlab: living tissue surgery

Double degree Master’s programs

  • Innovative Drugs, University of Franche-Comté, France 
  • Computer Modeling in Pharmacology, Paris Diderot University, France 
  • Public Healthcare, Harbin Medical University, China


Applicants from Iran study on a fee-paying basis and on a state-funded basis. Try your hand at the intellectual projects giving everybody a chance to study for free.

  • Quota to study in Russia
  • All-Russian Sechenov Chemistry and Biology Olympiad for School Students held in Russian for those applying for Specialist’s programs
  • InterOlymp Chemistry Olympiad held in English and Russian for those applying for Specialist’s and Bachelor’s programs
  • Open Doors Olympiad for those applying for Master’s and PhD programs

We are waiting for you, ambitious and talented Sechenov University applicants!


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+7 929 932-22-92

All-Russian Sechenov Olympiad for School Students
InterOlymp Olympiad
Open Doors Olympiad


Sechenov University is the center for academic, scientific and resource excellence in the Russian healthcare system with the incorporated sports camp and infrastructure for study, practical training and cutting-edge research:

  • Modern student dormitories with Wi-Fi
  • The central scientific medical library
  • The Center for Research Career, the clinical center, the congress center
  • The university’s Medicine History Museum, a botanical garden, a vivarium
  • The Center for Clinical Trials of Drugs
  • The Center for Continuing Medical Education with a virtual training clinic
  • The Burevestnik Sports Center with an ice rink, the Zvenigorod health center, the Phoenix student sports club, the Sechenovets sports and health camp

Internship and employment

Students can participate in the Sechenov Tech accelerator and create innovative biomedtech products, participate in biotechnology workshops, find prospective employers at job fairs.

  • The Center for Graduate Employment Assistance
  • Job fair
  • The Center for Research Career and the case study area of Sechenov University
  • SYSE “Young Researcher and Entrepreneur at Sechenov University”
  • Russia’s only network accelerator Sechenov Tech for the university’s biomedtech startups aimed at supporting student startups from expert evaluation of a project to production of pilot prototypes
  • Entrepreneurship case competitions

Student life

Sechenov University creates opportunities for international students to lead a fulfilling student life:

  • The Buddy volunteering program aimed at supporting first-year students: the international medical environment helps them adapt to life in Moscow
  • 35 compatriot associations
  • The FIRST MED MEDIA student media center
  • Festival “Spring at Pirogovskaya”
  • Sechenov University Ball
  • Beauty and Talent Contest “Miss Sechenov University”
  • The NewArt Cultural Center holding the most important university events
  • Youth grant competitions
  • Food Festival for International Students Unity Food Fest
  • Student Universiades, Spartakiads, sports competitions and festivals
  • Phygital academy for the development of phygital sports: at the nexus of physical and digital activities
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