The Global Alumni Alliance and HED talk about education and career in Russia

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The Global Alumni Alliance and the HED magazine, with their resources and opportunities pooled, will help you look at higher education in Russia through a different lens. The experience of compatriots who have found success in their careers in Russia will undoubtedly be interesting to young people planning to apply to Russian universities.
The first multilingual magazine about Russian education Higher Education Discovery (HED) is a magazine for applicants from all over the world. Aspects of admission and studying at Russian universities, prospects for young researchers, promotion of the Russian language abroad, as well as social and legal regulations – each issue covers the things that are important to applicants.
The series of interviews with graduates of Russian and Soviet universities conducted by the Alliance is now available in the HED magazine as well. Public authorities, ambassadors, political or public figures, and teachers share experience, give advice, talk about careers in various fields.
The new issue presents the Arabic language teacher Yaser Akel, the central figure of the Russian Alumni media project, who knows so much about life in Russia. Yaser's youth, education, first love, growing-up, and wisdom – all of this is associated with our country. He tells us how to become a really good teacher and translator and who feels most comfortable in Russia.
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