Republic of Bashkortostan

Illustrative photo of the region
Lyubov Razumkova

Geography. The republic is located on the Western slopes of the South Urals and in the Cis-Ural region. It borders the Perm Territory, the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg Regions, the Republic of Tatarstan, and the Udmurt Republic. Bashkortostan stretches for 550 km from north to south and for 430 km from west to east. The relief consists of plains and mountains.

Climate. Continental.

Average temperature

  • −18°C in January
  • +18°C in July


4 077 600

Economy. The economy of Bashkortostan has a diversified structure. The main industries are the fuel and energy sector, oil refining industry, chemical and petrochemical industries, mechanical engineering, forestry, and others.

Logistics. The highway, railway and air transport are well developed in the republic.

  • Ufa International Airport
  • Ufa Railway Station
  • The total length of highways is 25,000 km, 500 km of which are federal highways

Tourist attractions

  • Yangantau is a burning mountain, that’s how its name is translated. It has five points through which hot vapor jets with a temperature up to+150°С come up to the surface. The phenomenon of the mountain cannot be explained so far because there is no volcanism here. The Kurgazak mineral water spring is located nearby. The popular health resort Yangan-tau, which is located around here, uses all the natural wealth – vapor, waters, muds, and dry air to treat numerous diseases.
  • Inzerskie Zubchatki (Inzer Teeth) is a mountain ridge at the upper reaches of the Inzer River. It is around 10 km long, and its maximum height is 1,161 m. Of special interest are the heads of rocks in the form of teeth in the north of the ridge. These formations are also called a rocky circus. Stone teeth reach 35 meters in height, and some of them have such an intricate shape that it is hard to believe that they are not man-made. The flora and fauna in these parts are rich and diverse.
  • The Krasny Klyuch spring is the world’s second-largest and strongest spring of drinking water, natural site, pride of Bashkortostan. It is located near the settlement of the same name. Every second, 15 m3 of water, enriched in mineral elements, comes up to the Earth’s surface. This is the water wealth of the Yaman-Elga River that starts in the South Urals mountains and flows under the ground at a depth of 40 meters stretching for 60 km. The plant pouring out wholesome mineral water from the spring is located nearby.

The capital is the city of Ufa, one of the largest cities in Russia, with a population of 1,157,994 people. It was founded in 1574. It is one of the major economic, cultural, sports, and scientific centers in Russia.

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