Best Educational Programs: PEDAGOGICAL EDUCATION


Faculty of Psychology

Bachelor’s program


MELNIKOV, Timur Nikolaevich



Teaching staff. The Preschool Education and Foreign (German) Language major is delivered by highly qualified and experienced teachers. Eighty percent of teachers have academic degrees of Doctor of Sciences and Candidate of Sciences. All of the teachers have participated in advanced training courses, some of them have taken their courses abroad. T.S. Komarova is the author of the educational program for preschool children, the founder and head of the Aesthetic Education Scientific School; M.V. Krulekht is the author of more than 300 scientific and methodological papers published in the USA, Germany, Mongolia, Vietnam, Benin, etc., one of co-founders of the International Preschool Education Forum in South Korea; N.L. Zakharova is the author of a psychological safety concept, a leading specialist in the sphere of preschool children’s vital capacity development, the author of over 100 publications (monographs, scientific articles, methodological works).

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University partners within the educational program. The university actively cooperates with preschool educational organizations and development centers of Moscow and the Moscow Region including kindergartens of Mytishchi, the Moscow Kurchatov School, and with the Bavarian Institute of Early Childhood Research, Munich Catholic University, Emden/Leer High School, Hermann Hesse Language College in Horb-am-Neckar (more than 100 educational organizations of Germany).

Students’ achievements. The university regularly organizes theoretical and methodological seminars and hosts research conferences such as the roundtable discussion on the important issues of preschool and primary education specialists’ training in the Russian Federation and Germany, the Levitov’s Readings, the research conference on the important issues of primary and preschool education, the panel discussion with the participation of Professor Armin Krenz (the author of more than 15 pedagogical manuals), the student forum dedicated to cooperation of the Faculty of Psychology with the EU countries, and other events.

Facilities and resources. The university has comfortable dormitories, a sports complex including a stadium, fitness facilities and gyms. The classrooms are equipped with multimedia.

Opportunities for students. Students undertake their teaching internship at preschool education institutions of Moscow and the Moscow Region beginning from the first year of their study. Students with the highest level of foreign language proficiency can undertake language study placement and internships in Germany.

Employment prospects. Preschool teacher, German language teacher, further education teacher, circle leader, cartoonist, tutor, family tutor, kindergartener, family kindergarten tutor.