Best Educational Programs: PEDAGOGICAL EDUCATION


Bachelor’s program


MAZUROV, Aleksei Borisovich



Awards and achievements of the educational program. This educational program underwent state accreditation and many times was listed in the Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia. The State University of Humanities and Social Studies is included in the list “The Best Universities of Russia.”

State University of Humanities and Social Studies also offers a Bachelor's program in Psychological and Pedagogical Education.

Teaching staff. More than 90% of educators have academic degrees of Doctor and Candidate of Sciences. The teachers are holders of prestigious awards of different levels (international, federal, and regional), they repeatedly get scholarships for research and methodological internships in higher education institutions of Russia, Germany, and France.

University partners within the educational program. International partners: the University of Caen Normandy (France), IstvánSzéchenyi University (Hungary), Harbin Normal University (China), Kuleshov Mogilev State University (Belarus). The university maintains cooperation with LomonosovMoscowStateUniversity, Moscow State University of Education, MoscowStateLinguisticUniversity, RUDNUniversity, YeseninRyazanStateUniversity, MoscowRegionStateUniversity, Russian Gnessin Academy of Music, the Russian State Specialized Academy of Arts, Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory, etc., as well as with the Embassies of the USA, France, China in the RF. The base departments and internship placements are established in the schools of the region to facilitate the educational process.

Students’ and alumni’s achievements. The university students repeatedly get scholarships of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and do their summer language internships; they became Olympic medalists (Sochi 2014—O. Graf and E. Lobysheva, Rio de Janeiro 2016—V. Koblova); medalists of the world universiades (Kazan 2013—O. Arkadova and A.Stoliarov, Trentino 2013—E. Strelkov, Almaty 2017—K. Golubev) and win in different national competitions and international creativity competitions. The university’s alumni include heads of educational organizations, research workers of the leading universities of Russia, outstanding sports event organizers, laureates of international and national music festivals and contests.

Facilities and resources. The university has all resources for the educational process and recreational activities of students.

Opportunities for students. In the framework of the presidential initiative program “Our New School” students take their study placement abroad (Austria, Hungary, Germany, Ireland, China, France, etc.) Undergraduates constantly take part in socially important projects and public awareness campaigns, work in summer children’s camps as counsellors.

Employment prospects. Foreign language teacher (English, German, French), primary school teacher, teacher of history, music, arts, physical education, facilitator, coach-instructor, preschool teacher, preschool music teacher, further education teacher, expert in teaching methodology, museum staff worker, culture or exhibition center staff worker.