Best Educational Programs: PEDAGOGICAL EDUCATION


Department of Physics and Mathematics

Bachelor’s program


MEDVEDEVA, Irina Nikolaevna

Program Director


Awards and achievements of the educational program. The program underwent professional-public accreditation. The certificate issued proves the compliance of the program with the highest standards and criteria.

Teaching staff. The Department of Mathematics and Methods of Teaching Mathematics, the Department of Applied Informatics in Education, the Department of Higher Mathematics, the Department of Psychology, the Department of Pedagogy and Social Work, the Department of Physics are involved in the program delivery. The program is delivered by 40 teachers. Eighty-five percent of them hold academic degrees and titles of Doctors of Sciences, Professors, Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors, and Honored Workers of Higher Education. Eleven percent of the teaching staff are representatives from the industry: headmasters, heads of the teaching departments at secondary schools, heads of university departments, Honored Workers of General Education.

University partners within the educational program. In the framework of the complex project of modernization of pedagogic education PskovStateUniversity signed an agreement on cooperation with Kazan (Volga) FederalUniversity.

Students’ achievements. Students take an active part in international conferences in Latvia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, win in national competitions. In the 10th all-Russian research and practical conference Science of the Youth students took the first prize in the section of Contemporary Problems of Mathematics and Physics: Challenges of the Teaching Methods.

Facilities and resources. The distance learning portal of PskovStateUniversity offers courses which complement the program. The university has adequate facilities and resources for student training. Many classrooms feature multimedia equipment and interactive boards. Non-resident students are accommodated at a dormitory. Students may choose to join the university choir, sports clubs, student activist groups, a student amateur theater, Club of the Funny and Inventive (the KVN), etc. Based on the results of the survey 96.4% of students are satisfied with the training conditions.

Opportunities for students. Students annually take part in math competitions. Teaching practice takes place in summer camps and secondary schools. Practical classes in Math teaching methods are carried out in partner-schools. Upon successful completion of the Bachelor’s program students may choose to pursue their Master’s and postgraduate degrees.

Employment prospects. Secondary school Math teacher.

The graduates’ employment rate is 97%.