Best Educational Programs: PEDAGOGICAL EDUCATION


Department of Russian and World Literature, Department of Informatics

Bachelor’s program


SEREBRIAKOV, Anatolii Alekseevich

Head of the Department of Russian and World Literature



SHEVCHENKO, Galina Ivanovna

Program Director


Awards and achievements of the educational program. State accreditation (2015), four teachers became laureates and diploma winners of the 13th All-Russian Research and Practical Work Contest INFO 2016.

North-Caucasus Federal University offers other best educational programs in the field of Education and Pedagogics:

Bachelor's program and Master's program in Special (Defectological) Education

Teaching staff. Nine Doctors of Sciences, 32 Candidates of Sciences, 22 Associate Professors; two teachers are heads of specialized organizations. The teachers have published five monographs, more than 450 scientific papers (over 80 are included in the list of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation).

University partners within the educational program. Southern FederalUniversity, PyatigorskStateUniversity, V.I.VernadskyCrimeanFederalUniversity, ChechenState Pedagogical University (Russia).

The university actively cooperates with schools of Stavropol and the StavropolTerritory.

Students’ and alumni’s achievements. All graduates are employed within their degree field. Students are laureates and diploma winners of international contests of research works, participants of international intellectual contests for students and postgraduate students, all-Russian scientific and technical conferences, contests of scientific and innovative projects, exhibitions, and forums.

Facilities and resources. Modern lecture halls, specialized laboratories. The best students get state academic, enhanced and personalized scholarship allowances, scholarships of the Russian Federation President and Government. Non-resident students are accommodated in a comfortable dormitory.

Opportunities for students. Graduates get their field placement in lyceums, gymnasiums and schools of Stavropol and the StavropolTerritory.  Students can develop individual education plans: choose elective courses, themes of course papers, graduation theses and a scientific supervisor, supplementary training programs.

International academic mobility programs offer educational programs at the top Russian and foreign universities.

Employment prospects. Russian language and literature teacher, teacher of Russian as a foreign language, specialist in linguistic and philological expert evaluation, expert of the Unified State Exam in the Russian language, informatics teacher, specialist in educational management, IT specialist in various fields (healthcare, banking, tourism), system administrator, developer of software products and web resources, computer graphic designer.