Best Educational Programs: PETROLEUM ENGINEERING


Department of Oil and Gas Fields Development and Operation

Bachelor’s programme

Postgraduate programme


BORISEVICH, Yuri Pavlovich

Deputy Chair of the Department


HEI’s image. The Department of Oil and Gas Fields Development and Operation is the oldest in SamSTU. At present, two training areas are covered within the field of training “Petroleum Engineering”: “Operation and Maintenance of Oil Extraction Facilities” and “Operation and Maintenance of Gas and Gas Condensate Extraction Facilities and Underground Storages”.

Teaching staff. The teaching staff mostly consists of highly qualified teachers of the Department and the leading experts of oil companies, design institutes and service organizations. Constant cooperation with industrial associations, professional development and high publication activity allow the teachers to be aware of the priorities in the oil industry and to improve educational technologies on a regular basis.

Competitiveness of students. The programme’s graduates are distinguished by the fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which allows them to perform production, technological, design, organization, managerial and research activities.

Students are engaged in the development of a number of software systems for solving complex engineering problems. Classes are held in computer classrooms equipped with the state-of-the-art software (e.g. Ansys, a universal system for finite-element analysis, “Kappa” software system and others). Students are involved in solving practical problems of the oil industry in research and production centres of the University: “SamSTU – Weatherford” the International Innovative Centre “Polytechnopark”.

Students have an opportunity to be engaged in research and to participate in national and international research and technical conferences. The most successful and ambitious graduates enter the postgraduate programme and defend their theses.

Interaction with employers. The cooperation of the Major Department with the regional oil companies is of primary importance. During the period of training students obtain professional skills and successfully combine educational practice with field experience. They also take an active part in contractual work on the orders of enterprises and grants within federal target programmes.

Presentations of the leading Russian oil companies, research and design institutes are conducted regularly for prospective graduates.