Institute of Life Sciences

Bachelor’s programme


LODYGIN, Alexey Dmitrievich

Head of the Department of Applied Biotechnology


Programme presentation. Bachelors are educated and trained in the following specializations: “Meat Product Technologies” and “Dairy Product Technologies”.

Over 50% of material and technical laboratory facilities have been recently renewed and nowadays they feature state-of-the-art equipment for express analysis of content and quality of food raw material, chromatography, spectrophotometry, water activity, refractometry and microscopy. As a result of active involvement in Tempus-Tacis and Bridge programs, and membership in ISEKI Food Association, the University has established cooperation agreements with EU partner-universities. These include Technical University of Munich, Max Rubner Institute, Kulmbach (Germany), Catholic University of Portugal, University of Koimbra (Portugal), Vienna University of Technology, BOKUUniversity (Austria), to name just a few.

Teaching staff. Ninety seven per cent of 38 full time and part time teachers and professors of Meat Processing and Canning Technology Department and Applied Biotechnology Department have the degrees of Candidate of Sciences. Over twenty four percent have the degree of Doctors of Sciences including Academicians of the RussianAcademy of Sciences, Honoured Scientists and Honoured Educationalists of the Russian Federation.

Competitiveness of students. For the past 4 years the innovative solutions developed with the involvement of bachelor students have been awarded 10 Diplomas, 1 bronze and 3 golden medals. Two of the innovations have been patented. Every year the students are awarded Presidential and Governmental Scholarships, as well as the Governor and the Government of Stavropol Territory Scholarships for distinguished academic achievements. Graduates of the Programme are well demanded in food processing industries of the agricultural sector, Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare, in higher education and research institutions in managerial and top-specialist positions.

Interaction with employers. Students undergo on-the job training and pre-degree apprenticeship at the Russian leading meat and dairy enterprises, such as JSC Dairy Enterprise “Stavropolsky”, JSC “IpatovskySyrodel” (StavropolskyKrai), JSC “Sochinskymya-sokombinat”, LLC Meat Enterprise “Olympia” (Georgievsk). Altogether there are 17 agreements on cooperation with employers and business representatives of Stavropol Krai. These enterprises are actively involved in the study program development and updating, apprenticeship supervision, professional competitions and workshops delivery.