Customs Affairs in North-Caucasus Federal University

Customs Affairs

North-Caucasus Federal University

Department of Tax Policy and Customs Procedures

Specialist's program


KULAGOVSKAIA Tatiana Anatolevna

Head of the Department

Current position in rankings. NCFU is in Top 35 Russian HEIs in the field of Economics and Management.

Awards and achievements. In 2009 this educational program was awarded the 100 Best Goods of Russia diploma.

Teaching staff. Training is provided by the highly qualified teaching staff including two Doctors of Sciences and 20 Candidates of Sciences.

Facilities and resources. The university has specialized classrooms with software required to implement the educational program.

Research. The department conducts research in the following areas: fiscal mechanisms of economic growth; customs regulation and foreign economic activity. The priority research areas include the following: tax instruments stimulating innovation activity; methods and means to improve tax compliance; tax regulation of economic development; fiscal expansion of the socio-economic territory potential development; customs regulation of innovation-driven and investment-driven development of economy; peculiarities of assortment building and factors that determine the quality of food commodities.

Educations. The teachers use state-of-the-art educational technologies that improve the quality of education and manage study time.

Strategic partners. The university cooperates with the Federal Customs Service of Russia, regional customs authorities, the Mineralnye Vody and Novorossiysk customs, the Stavropol customs station as well as organizations of international trade: the Concern Energomera electronics manufacturer; Monocrystal, a leading supplier of sapphire; the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the StavropolTerritory, the Kavminvody trade production company. The department maintains active relationships with well-known scientific centers, in particular, with Southern Federal University, the FinancialUniversity under the Government of the Russian Federation, ChechenStateUniversity, KaragandaEconomicUniversity.

International projects and programs. As part of academic mobility programs offered by NCFU, students enrolled in this program participate in scientific internships at the University of Piraeus under the Erasmus + program.

Competitive advantages. The Department of Tax Policy and Customs Procedures of the Institute of Economics and Management of NCFU hosts the regional stage of the All-Russian Student Olympiad in Customs Affairs. The best students can pursue their Master's and postgraduate degree.