Journalism in Togliatti State University


Togliatti State University

Department of Journalism

Bachelor's program, Master's program


IVANOVA Liudmila Viktorovna

Head of the Department

Achievements and awards. In 2018, the Bachelor's and Master's programs in Journalism successfully underwent professional-public accreditation for the period of six years.

Teaching staff. The department employs highly qualified educators, including theorists and practitioners of journalism. Six employees are members of the Russian Union of Journalists. Professor G.I. Shcherbakova is the leading scientist in the field of citizen journalism study, a member of dissertation councils in philological sciences at SamaraStateUniversity and Kazan (Volga Region) FederalUniversity.

Facilities and resources. All equipment and facilities of the Youth Media Holding "Est Talk!" of TSU are at students' disposal. It is intended for continuous practical training of students and comprises the TV editorial office, the editorial office of newspapers University of Togliatti and Speech’ka, the editorial offices of radio stations and websites (including those with the functions of user account and group maintenance in social networks), the press service, as well as the official university portal ( and the youth portal ( The Media Holding also comprises three recording studios.

Research activities are carried out in such promising areas as theory, methodology and technologies of journalism; theory and practice of mass media communication; multimedia journalism development trends; environmental journalism; history and the current state of citizen journalism; media educational practices of the information society; broadcasting development typology and trends.

Education. Students are involved in professional and practical activities of the Media Holding "Est Talk!" of TSU. Educational internship is distributed evenly throughout the academic year. Instead of class assignments, students write synopses for TV spots, participate in video shooting as correspondents, edit and do the voice-over for audio- and video commercials, write articles for websites and newspapers. Students spend at least 17 hours per week to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice and develop superprofessional competencies (operational mindset, project management, teamwork skills and ability to work under conditions of uncertainty, proficiency in a foreign language of professional communication, etc.). Among the students there are winners of the following competitions: Student TEFI; PRO Education; REC’ORD; Planet Media; Medialeader.

Strategic partners. The department cooperates with the Gubernia TV and radio company, the International Association of Student Television (IAST), the Russian TV Academy Foundation, the Youth Media Holding "Est Talk!" of TSU, the August radio station, SIBUR Togliatti LLC, the NESLUHI.RF information and analysis portal, and other organizations.

Assistance and support for foreign students and teachers. The Department of International Cooperation (e-mail: works with over 30 foreign partners in 14 countries.