Customs Business in North-Caucasus Federal University

Specialist’s program


Customs Payments major


Institute of Economics and Management, Department of Customs Business, Service and Tourism


Tatiana Kulagovskaia, Head of the Department
+7 (8652) 94-59-20


Accreditation. The program successfully underwent state accreditation in 2020.

Awards and achievements. In 2009, the educational program in Customs Business was awarded the 100 Best Goods of Russia diploma. NCFU is ranked among the Top 40 of the National ranking of universities for customs business.

Teaching staff. The educational program is delivered by highly qualified teachers at the department – two Doctors of Sciences and 14 Candidates of Sciences. Customs officers and employees of major enterprises carrying out foreign economic activity are engaged in the teaching process.

Facilities and resources. There are specialized classrooms and necessary software, including Alta-Soft software. There are two laboratories—the laboratory of customs control technologies and the laboratory of merchandizing and goods examination.

Education. Teachers use state-of-the-art educational technologies that improve the quality and effectiveness of education. NCFU established the education center focusing on professional training for applicants: the school of young customs officers. For conducting
basic and applied research and activities, creating a scientific and educational environment for training specialists of all levels, NCFU established the research and education center for customs and logistics service. The learning process is managed using the resources of the university’s digital learning environment. Students undertake study placements under the Erasmus+ academic mobility program.

Research. Teachers are deeply involved in research, annually take part in competitions of the grants from the Russian President, the Russian Science Foundation, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Competitive advantages. The institute has a specialized department of business and service technologies. NCFU hosts the regional stage of the All-Russian Student Olympiad on Customs Business.

Employers and employment. The strategic partners of the program are the Federal Customs Service of Russia, regional customs authorities, Mineralnye Vody and Novorossiysk customs, the Stavropol customs station as well as international trade organizations such as Concern Energomera, Monocrystal, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Stavropol Territory, the Kavminvody trade production company, and others.