Record Management and Archival Work in Nizhnevartovsk State University

Bachelor’s program


HR Records Management major


Faculty of Humanities, Department for Russian History and Document Science

Lala Yakubova, Head of the Department
+7 (3466) 27-03-06


Accreditation. State accreditation.

Teaching staff. Teachers have basic education, are highly qualified, hold academic degrees and titles, participate in research and grants. The professional community members such as leading specialists in document support of management and archiving are engaged in teaching.

Education. The curriculum includes the disciplines taking into account the regional context such as Documenting Labor Relations in Regions of the Far North and Equated Localities; Documenting Employer-Initiated Termination; Practical Course on the Development of
Records Management Instructions; Electronic Archives of Historical Documents, which allows the teachers to prepare graduates for labor activity in the KhMAA-Yugra. Graduation theses are practice-oriented projects aimed at studying the system of document
support for institutions and organizations in the KhMAA-Yugra and drawing up specific recommendations for its optimization. These theses are done on request of organizations and are successfully introduced in their activity, which is duly documented.
Teachers use active and interactive teaching methods: team work – joint efforts of students in the group aimed at solving the common task under the supervision of the leader, case study – analyzing real problem-based situations and finding the best solutions, game –
roleplay simulation of real professional activity by students with performing specialists’ functions in various workplaces, problem-based, context-based and individual learning, experience-based learning.

Competitive advantages. The program focuses on training professionals in record management and processes of documentary heritage management in modern-day Russia. Specialists of such a level are meant not only to support documenting processes in various
spheres of human, society and state activity but also to be capable of solving current issues of document management improvement independently in the context of continuous update of knowledge and technologies.

Employers and employment. The university cooperates with major organizations and institutions in the city and KhMAA-Yugra, which allows students to gain employment in their degree field, improve their professional skills under production conditions, and participate
in real projects and developments. Students can combine their study and work.