Economic Security in Far-East Institute of Management


Far-East Institute of Management, branch of RANEPA

Department of Economics and Financial Law, Faculty of Economics and Law

Specialist's program


TSVETOVA Galina Vladimirovna

Head of the Department

Achievements and awards. Students are prize winners and winners of the annual regional research contests "Student Spring" in applied economic research, the All-Russian contest of research works and projects of young researchers in economics, the international internet olympiad in economics.

Teaching staff. Training is provided by the teachers of the degree-granting department as well as employees and leading specialists of research institutions, government bodies, organizations of the real sector of economy. The academic degree holders rate is 77.75 %.

Facilities and resources. Classrooms are equipped with dummies, illustrative study guides, simulators and other technical facilities. The institute has the center (class) for business games, computer classrooms, a forensic laboratory. Each student has individual unrestricted access to some electronic library systems (electronic libraries) and the electronic information-educational environment of the institute.

Research. Research is conducted in the following areas: digital economy: challenges and threats; current issues in economic security provision; food supply security of Russia; tax culture and tax violations; financial literacy of population.

Education. The teachers use both traditional (knowledge-based) and innovative learning models. Seminars and lectures are given with the participation of representatives of employing organizations as binary lessons. The teachers actively use case technologies, business games, online laboratory works of the information system Contour Expert, online testing, etc. The department regularly holds round tables, scientific and practical conferences, contests of student scientific papers.

Strategic partners. The institute cooperates with the Department of Economic Development of the Administration of the Municipal Administrative Authority "The City of Khabarovsk;" the Federal Treasury Department in the Khabarovsk Territory; the Department of the Federal Tax Service in the Khabarovsk Territory; the Department of the Federal Anti- Monopoly Service in the Khabarovsk Territory; the Ministry of Economic Development of the Khabarovsk Territory; the Commercial Court of the Khabarovsk Territory, etc.

International projects and programs. Students regularly participate in international events: the international internet olympiad in economics and the international contests held by the Youth Union of Economists and Financiers of the Russian Federation, etc.

Competitive advantages. The institute boasts highly qualified teaching staff and close partnership relations with employers. Students have an opportunity to obtain additional qualification of an interpreter/translator in the sphere of professional communication. Graduates-specialists are in great demand.