Pedagogical Education in Nizhnevartovsk State University


Nizhnevartovsk State University

Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, Department for Pedagogy and Pedagogical and Social Education

Bachelor's program


TELEGINA Iia Stepanovna

Head of the Department


ISTOMINA Irina Pavlovna


Teaching staff. The Department for Pedagogy and Pedagogical and Social Education employs top-class teachers including Doctors and Candidates of Sciences. The representatives of specialized organizations are engaged in the educational process. The teachers of the department act as experts of all-Russian, district and city professional skills competitions.

Research. The main developments of the department staff have an applied focus: models of development of young people’s value-based orientations in multicultural education, technology of development of students’ competencies in pedagogical disciplines, processes of personal development in the context of family, educational and professional environment.

The faculty established the research and methodological laboratory of spiritual and moral upbringing and development which annually organizes the city professional skills competition “The Source of Ideas,” holds tutorial workshops, conducts monitoring research on consolidation of social institutions for spiritual and moral upbringing and development of children and young people.

Education. Emphasis is made on the development of personal qualities needed for competitive specialists on the modern labor market in the field of education. The classes are given using active forms of teaching. Students are involved in volunteering and other activities, graduation theses are done by order of general education institutions and are further developed in theses of Masters and postgraduate students.

Strategic partners. The teachers interact with the leading specialists from Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, Southern Federal University, JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä (Finland), University College South Denmark, and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences (Finland).

International projects and programs. The university participated in the project “Social Integration of Minority and Migrant Children in Finland, Denmark and Russia”*, project “E3M Evaluation of Quality of Cooperation in Education Ecosystem as a Mechanism for Building Professional Competencies.” **

*With funding from the Nordic-Russian Cooperation Program 2012-2015 of the Council of Ministries of the countries of North Europe.

**With funding from the Tempus IV program of the European Commission.