Professional Education (by branches) in Kozma Minin Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University

Bachelor's program, Master's program


Faculty of Management and Social-Technical Services,

Department of Professional Education and Management of Educational Systems


Tel. +7 831 262 20 41, ext. 730



Svetlana MARKOVA,

Head of the Department


Awards and achievements. The programs are annually recognized as leaders as part of the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia.

Teaching staff. Highly qualified teachers (16% are Doctors, 76% are Candidates of Pedagogical Sciences), managers of the strategic partner companies are involved in teaching.

Facilities and resources. Modern classrooms and an open space, fitted with multimedia equipment with Internet access.

Research. Development of professional and professional-pedagogical education: development of entrepreneurial abilities of students of professional education, social partnership of secondary professional educational institutions with business entities, formation of additional competencies of teachers and experts of professional training, development of professional education in the context of improving integration mechanisms for the development of the Russian economy, organization of professional training in the digital economy, management of educational activities of professional education institutions, formation of professional competencies of GPE teachers, administrative and managerial activities of GPE managers.

Education. The education is carried out with the help of state-of-the-art technologies, such as project, personality-oriented and problem-based education, using the electronic educational environment.

Strategic partners. Department of Education of the Administration of Nizhniy Novgorod, Avtozavodskiy District Court of Nizhniy Novgorod, Police Departments of Nizhny Novgorod and the region, Federal Bailiff Service, Nizhny Novgorod Industrial College, Nizhny Novgorod Technical College of Urban Economy and Business, Nizhny Novgorod Provincial College, SIO Group, Metallurgical Plant RosALit, the Krasnoe Sormovo plant.

Competitive advantages. The dual character of the program significantly broadens the graduates' employment opportunities — from pedagogical activity to working according to their degree.

Assistance and support for international students and teachers. The university implements an adaptation program for international students, offers supplementary Russian language courses. Annual Festival of the Nations of the World takes place. Students are accommodated in the modern dormitory. International Education and Cooperation Center:, tel.: +7 831 436 03 92.