Best Educational Programs: APPLIED GEODESY


Department of Cadastre and Geoinformation Systems

Specialist’s programme


OLEYNIK,Anatoly Mikhailovich

Head of the Department of Cadastre and Geoinformation Systems


Programme presentation. Specialists in this area should be able to collect and analyse topographic, geodetic and cartographic materials for natural resources studies, to conduct environmental monitoring, to create three-dimensional models of the physical surface of the Earth and large engineering facilities, to carry out geodetic measurements for development of the programme of works for facilities’ construction, to perform cadastral survey, to determine the position of main axes and facilities’ borders in the construction area, to conduct technical diagnostics of the unique engineering systems, to study the deformation and displacement of natural and engineering facilities, to control the geometric conditions of installation and adjustment of construction equipment.

Educational process is delivered using special equipped laboratories for geodesy, applied geodesy, cartography and photogrammetry, automation of engineering and geodesy works, training geodetic ground as well as modern geodetic equipment. Processing of the results of geodetic measurements and development of cartographic materials are conducted in the computer classroom of the Department and complex laboratory of applied geodesy.

Teaching staff. At the Major Department the scientific school for geodetic monitoring of complex engineering objects of oil and gas industry in the conditions of eternal frozen ground has been formed. The results of the research are reported at congresses and scientific conferences: “Oil and Gas of the Western Siberia”, “InterExpo”, “Geo-Siberia” and published in scientific journals “Geodesy and Cartography”, “Geodesy and Aerial Photography”.

Competitiveness of students. The average point of applicants in the Unified State Exam is 65. From the first year of training students take part in scientific research, which is conducted by the scientists of the Department, and perform economic contracts with enterprises. Students are repeated winners and awardees of All-Russian contests.

Interaction with employers. Students are placed for practical experience in the leading regional companies. The branch of the Department was established at LLC “ZapSibAGP”; joint educational and scientific events are organized in cooperation with LLC “Navgeokom”. Experienced and leading regional specialists in the area are involved in the educational process.

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