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Higher School of Tourism

Bachelor’s programme

Master’s programme


KORNEEVETS, Valentin Sergeevich



Programme presentation. Training Bachelor and Master degree students in the sphere of tourism and hotel business includes both general theoretical and professional training organized in the form of lectures and seminars and various types of academic and working practice.

The classrooms are equipped with interactive screens and multimedia computer projectors, mobile multimedia complexes. In the study process, the software for booking air tickets Sirena 2000 Travel and Sirena 2.3 is used.

The faculty has close scientific ties with the leading educational institutions of Russia and Europe in the sphere of tourism: the Russian State University of Tourism and Service (Moscow), Baltic Academy of Tourism (Saint Petersburg), Southern Federal University (Rostov Region), Pushkin Leningrad State University (Saint Petersburg), South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk), Klaipeda University (Lithuania), Joseph Rusetsky Higher School (Poland), Higher School of Tourism and Hotel Industry (Poland), Greifswald University (Germany), Lund University (Sweden).

Leading regional experts in the sphere of tourism take an active part in the Programme delivery.

Teaching staff. The academic process is provided by 38 university teachers, 70% having scientific degrees and titles including 12% of doctors of sciences. Approximately 22% of the staff have work experience in tourism industry.

Several teachers had internship in the French Institute of Tourism and they are participants of Erasmus exchange programme.

Competitiveness of students. Academic practice is arranged at the Universities of St. Petersburg, Barnaul, Sochi and Khabarovsk. The students are placed for work experience at the tourist companies of Kaliningrad Region, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece and Spain. Besides, several agreements have been concluded with the leading service and tourism companies of Kaliningrad Region, with Moscow Hotel, Kaliningrad Hotel, theChaika, tour companies VANG-tour, Bon Voyage, Anyuta, UniTour, Region – Service, Tour – Trans, GorodskayaAviakassa.

Many graduates of the Faculty have become heads and experts of tour companies, managers of hotel and restaurants both in Kaliningrad Region and beyond its borders.

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