Agricultural Chemistry and Agricultural Soil Science in Orel State Agrarian University

Bachelor’s program

Faculty of Agribusiness and Ecology,

Department of Agroecology and Environmental Protection






Aleksei V. TARAKIN,

Dean of the Faculty

Tel. + 7 486276-11-04


Achievements and awards. The program was recognized as the agrarian education leader by the Guild of Experts in the Sphere of Professional Education and the National Centre for Public Accreditation as part of the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia. The certified quality management system is successfully implemented.

Teaching staff. The academic degree holders ratio is 96%. The department employs 11 Doctors of Sciences, Corresponding Member of the RAS, two Honored Science Workers of the RF. All teachers have discipline-related education. The representatives of the real sector of economy are also engaged in the teaching process.

Facilities and resources. The university has unique laboratory equipment, state-of-the-art instrumental and production facilities. As part of the BayStudy project the Bayer company created a new state-of-the-art IT classroom.

Research. The promising research areas: research on digital agriculture using satellite navigation systems and autopilot systems; on the use of production wastes as environmentally friendly alternative organic fertilizers; on phytoremediation of technologically polluted agricultural lands; on the development of techniques for improving soil fertility of erosion-threatening agrolandscapes, etc.

Education. The teachers use the modular training technology, the methodology taking into account a practical constituent for training of specialists who are able to quickly adapt to a changeable environment.

Strategic partners. HEIs of the Central Federal District and other regions of Russia; organizations such as the All-Russian Research Institute of Legumes and Groat Crops, Avangard-Agro-Orel, Miratorg-Orel, the All-Russian Research Institute of Fruit Crop Breeding, PhosAgro-Orel, BASF, etc.

International projects and programs. The university maintains partnership relations with HEIs of Europe, East Asia and North America. Students undertake internships abroad. The information on the partner organizations can be found on the university website.

Competitive advantages. The learning laboratory with state-of-the-art analytical equipment for acquisition of agrochemical land survey skills; an experimental field for conducting practical research and putting theoretical knowledge into practice.

Assistance and support for foreign students and teachers. Socio-cultural adaptation, advising for study groups, diversity of extracurricular activities, intensification of foreign language acquisition, psychological support. Tel. + 7 4862 43-41-33, e-mail:

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