Agronomy in Orel State Agrarian University

Bachelor’s program, Master’s program

Faculty of Agribusiness and Ecology






Aleksei V. TARAKIN,


Tel. + 7 4862 43-13-01


Achievements and awards. The program was recognized as the agrarian education leader by the Guild of Experts in the Sphere of Professional Education and the National Centre for Public Accreditation as part of the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia. The certified quality management system is successfully implemented. The teachers participate in top-level research supported by the grants of scientific foundations (Associate Professor Iu.V. Beregovaia, the RSF project №17-76-10039; 2017-2019).

Teaching staff. All teachers have academic degrees. The department employs 8 Doctors of Sciences, a Corresponding Member of the RAS, 2 Honored Science Workers of the RF. Representatives of the agricultural sector of the economy: staff of research institutions and agronomists of large-scale enterprises are also involved in the program delivery.

Facilities and resources. Laboratories of agricultural chemistry, soil science, microbiology and plant physiology, an agro-environmental laboratory, centers for shared use of state-of-the-art scientific equipment. As part of the BayStudy project Bayer created a new state-of-the-art IT classroom.

Research. The promising research areas: environmental and biological aspects of adaptive cultivation technology for cereal crops in the Central Black Earth Region; experimental and theoretical foundations of the use of the flow structure of agroecosystems in precision farming; study of the influence of soil management practices, chemical crop protection products and different manufacturers' equipment on the growth, development and productivity of crops; scientific substantiation and development of resource-saving highly productive environmentally sustainable agroecosystems and agrolandscapes based on the scientific principles of adaptive intensification.

Education. State-of-the-art technologies, multimedia equipment are used. Students have access to the electronic educational environment. Educational internships and work placements are undertaken at partner enterprises –potential employers.

Strategic partners. Enterprises: Schelkovo Agrohim, PhosAgro-Orel, BASF, Miratorg-Orel, Bayer; the All-Russian Research Institutes: of Legumes and Groat Crops; of Fruit Crop Breeding; for Agricultural Microbiology (St. Petersburg).

International projects and programs. Erasmus+; DAAD; the IAMONET RU academic mobility program with the participation of University of Hohenheim (Coordinator); University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna; Czech University of Life Sciences Prague; University of Tuebingen; University of Udine; Wageningen University; Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

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