Standardization and Metrology in Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design



Institute of Information Technologies and Automation, Department of Engineering Material Science and Metrology

Bachelor's program, Standardization and Certification major


TSOBKALLO Ekaterina Sergeevna

Head of the Department

Achievements and awards. This educational program was steadily recognized as the best as part of the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia in 2011-2018. Teaching staff. Training is provided by the highly qualified specialists including five Professors, Doctors of Sciences and seven Associate Professors, Candidates of Sciences. The leading sectoral specialists of Saint Petersburg and Russia are also invited to join the department staff.

Facilities and resources. Facilities and resources include about 150 units of test and analytical equipment, in particular, multipurpose machines manufactured by the Instron firm, STATIGRAF-L, an optical microscope, MICROCOLOR-2000, a microhardness tester. The department has unique equipment such as deformation and strain relaxometers, a thread and fiber wear test system, the Keisokki evenness tester, LUCI-100 spectrophotometer.

Research. The key research areas are developments of nanocomposite materials for EMI and static electricity protection, for creating energy saving technology elements (for example, light-emitting diodes). Special attention is paid to research in the field of smart textile: modeling and prediction of performance characteristics of modern textile materials.

Strategic partners. The university cooperates with universities and research institutes such as Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, the Institute of Macromolecular Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Ioffe Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Tver State University, Kazan National Research Technological University, Institut des Sciences Analytiques et de Physico-chimie pour l'Environnement et les Matériaux (France) and Tampere University of Technology (Finland); regional enterprises such as the State Regional Center for Standardization, Metrology and Testing in Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region (“Test- Saint Petersburg”), the State Center for Testing, Certification and Standardization, Salute, BIG Filter, Unicosmetic, ROSIZOLIT, the North-West Technology Transfer Center, Power Machines.

Assistance and support for foreign students and teachers. The English language version of the university website presents educational programs, services, Internet resources and conditions for foreign students. The university participates in international academic mobility programs. The Department of International Projects and Educational Programs: e-mail:, tel.: +7 (812) 315-05-65.

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