A Strategy Of Development Of Digital Industrial Design Industry From SPbSUITD

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The Committee of Ministry of Education and Science in Russia has begun to select participants of “Priority 2030” program. On 10 September, the first defense of university developing projects was held to the commission which is leading by Ministry of Education and Science Valery Falkov. Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design presented a development program on September, 12.

“We have ensured maximum clarity of all selection procedures. I’m sure that principles of development which are laid down in the strategic projects of universities will solve for the benefits both for university itself and the entire higher education system.” – the head of Ministry of Education and Science of Russia Valery Falkov noted at the meeting.

“Priority 2030” – is the most large-scale program of state support of universities in the entire history of the country.

The team SPbSUITD performed to the commission of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation at the head of the rector of the university Alexey Demidov.

Alexey Demidov noted at his report that the mission of the University of Industrial Technologies and Design is to form a new sector of global economy – digital industrial design, providing this sector with its own and implemented technologies and highly qualified personnel of a new level of training. “Historically university works with design, light, textile, pulp and paper industries, which determined the choice of the track “Industry leadership” in the “Priority 2030” program. The task of the university is the technological transformation of these industries in order to create products and services that can compete in world markets. One of the competitive advantages can be digital industrial design, which shifts the focus towards engineering and integration of advanced technologies,” said the rector of SPbSUITD.

To implement the strategic projects of the program, the University acted as the ideologist and the parent organization of the association “Digital industrial design, composite materials, “smart” clothing and fabrics”. It includes Saint-Petersburg State University, as one of two universities with a special status in Russia, a participant of the 5-100 University “LETI” program, a long-term partner of the Saint-Petersburg State University of Technology (Technical University) for chemical research, as well as a long-time partner in the research of light industry technologies of the Kosygin Russian State University.

The scientific component of the association on composite materials was strengthened by the I. V. Grebenshchikov Institute of Silicate Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of High-Molecular Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Industrial partners, customers of the results of the association's activities in “smart” textiles, special fabrics and materials and its participants were the largest domestic light industry company JSC “BTK Group”, the Skolkovo resident company ‘’Texel’’ and the Zenit football club.

Alexey Demidov noted at his report that list of participants will allow solving the most ambitious implements and achieving high results. Vladimir Avdeenko, a member of the commission, head of the Agro- and Biotechnologies Direction of the non-governmental development Institute “Innopraktika”, also noted the logic of uniting universities, business representatives and authorities within the framework of the Priority 2030 Program: “The Priority 2030 program is a large-scale tool for the development of Russian education. The participants of the program plan not only to develop and replicate best practices of scientific and educational activities, but also to build closer relations with research centers and enterprises of the real sector of the economy and social sphere of the region”.

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