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Looking into different studies of promising areas of activity, we can see that any profession related to medicine,  architecture, design, engineering is associated with IT today. It doesn't mean that everyone should pursue IT education.  It means that you should better consider the educational programs consolidating knowledge in various fields.

If we synthesize the information, we can see that future belongs to nanotechnologies, neurointerfaces, robotics, 3D printing, genetic engineering, renewable energy sources, climate management systems, biotechnologies, unmanned vehicles, logistics, chemistry, space, as well as  to the professions at the nexus of these fields.

Denis Barinov, Head of Kaspersky Academy, Kaspersky Lab JSC, Moscow

– The segment of bioengineers specializing in testing and securing implantable devices will probably develop in the field of digital security and related fields  within five-ten years. For example,  implantable components testing specialist (biohacker), neurointerface security specialist, biotechnologist-cybersecurity specialist. According to the study conducted jointly by Kaspersky Lab and the Oxford  Functional Neurosurgery, the new field of high-tech medicine is already vulnerable to cyber attacks due to the peculiarities of stimulating devices and their software.

There will be a growing demand for professionals capable of developing algorithms for regular verification of decisions made by artificial intelligence, as well as  algorithm execution correction or suspension systems. In other words, we will need cyberethics specialists who will help  correctly operate unmanned vehicles and other devices involving machine learning, computer vision, and other similar technologies.

Let's talk more specifically about some promising areas.

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