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New applications, services, programs – all of this is so popular now that the IT industry leads different employment rankings. This field includes everything related to programming, robotics, nanotechnologies and quick information transfer.

If you have well-developed analytical and mathematical skills, if you are ready to study not only programming language but also technical English – you are likely to achieve success in this field.

Personal profile security consultant

We will need people who will protect digital identity. Taking into account the growing number of leakages and the cost of these users in the black market, there will be a growing demand for this profession.

Food engineer

This is a cross-sector career. Food technology specialist as a profession exists even today, however, the tasks of this profession will change in the future. Using their knowledge of biology, chemistry, genetics and materials science, food engineers will have to literally design new products, if possible, from cheap and generally available raw materials – from plants, algae, and even wastes.  Representatives of two professions – GMO agronomists and city farmers are supposed to solve  the world hunger issue in the future.

Robotics engineer

Robot development and maintenance is one of the most promising fields of engineering. This field includes a number of separate professions – authors of domestic, industrial and medical robots and entertainment robots.

To master these professions, future specialists must have a good knowledge of automated systems, programming, process management, to say nothing of fundamental knowledge of physics, mechanics and electrical engineering.

Virtuality architect

The profession requiring solid knowledge in all  IT fields. If digital worlds exist mostly for entertainment today, in the near future they will serve for teaching, working and even treating people, which means that specialists creating the whole customized worlds will be in demand.

Smart environment designer

This profession integrating the whole cluster of narrow specializations will require profound knowledge of IT,  big data processing, the Internet of Things and hardware. Smart living environment in the future also implies  integration of composite materials and sensors, i.e. the specialist must also be knowledgeable about chemistry, materials science, nanotechnologies.

To start mastering 'architecture of the future,' you should apply to universities offering solid fundamental and engineering background and show interest in humanities and social sciences.

Unmanned transport systems developers

Today they are sought after by top technology companies, and the demand for such specialists will  grow in the coming 20 years. At the same time, there will be plenty of specializations – developers of drones for various purposes (military, post, observation, engineering), developers of unmanned vehicles, developers of unmanned underwater vehicles and machine control interfaces. Drone flight controllers will also be in demand. Drone data analytics will be a separate profession.

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