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SPbSUITD is a leading university for arts and technology in Russia. Major fields of study are design, fashion industry, technologies of light, printing and pulp and paper industry, chemical engineering, heat and electric power engineering, IT in design and media industry, journalism, advertising and public relations, tourism, economics and management.

In 2021, the university entered the Top 100 leading Russian universities as part of the Priority 2030 state program as a training leader in the light industry (smart textile, smart clothing, composite materials with new properties) and the pulp and paper industry (environmentally friendly zero waste industries) as well as digital industrial design.


  • All educational buildings of the university are located in the historic center of Saint Petersburg
  • Student dormitory housing is guaranteed to full-time students, including fee-paying students
  • The campus comprises six 15-story high-rise buildings in the city districts with well-developed infrastructure. One room accommodates 2-3 persons

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Tuition fees per year

72,000 – 468,000 RUB


The university holds the Culture and Art Olympiad. Winners and prize-winners from among foreign citizens are admitted within the Russian Government quota.

To enroll in state-funded places in creative fields of study, applicants must pass an additional creativity exam (art and culture history) and a professional exam:

  • Drawing – a spatial still life depicting everyday and geometric objects, which is made with a pencil
  • Painting – a spatial still life depicting everyday and geometric objects, which is made in color (water color, gouache, tempera)
  • Composition – tasks are assigned during the exam

Sample works

To enroll in fee-paying places or places within the Russian Government quota, applicants may just submit a portfolio of creative works (drawing, painting and composition works, 4-5 for each subject).

For inquiries regarding admission, feel free to contact us at

Atefe Sadat Mirsane, Iran. She is completing her Master's degree at SPbSUITD Institute of Applied Art and has already got a quota place to pursue a PhD degree

In Iran, I contacted the agency that helps students enter a foreign university. One of the staff members told me about University of Industrial Technologies and Design. He completed his PhD degree here.

When I studied the information on the university, I was delighted with events, exhibitions and fashion shows held here. I was very excited when I entered this university. Now I am working on my graduation collection. It combines two cultures – Russian and Iranian, as well as a careful attitude to nature. For decoration, I use an ancient Persian marquetry technique called khatam, and Russian Khokhloma painting.

While studying, I realized that we could understand each other through art no matter what language we speak. Now I believe that art doesn't need a language.

Career guidance abroad

  • Participation in education fairs, commissions to select foreign citizens to study within the Russian Government quota
  • Career guidance meetings and master classes in different fields
  • Free art courses
  • Instructional lectures on the university's major subjects

Preparatory department for foreign citizens

It provides training for applicants with no or low Russian language proficiency (offline and online). Participants are accommodated in the dormitory.

+7 812 310-41-49
Educational programs offered by the Preparatory Department

3D Industrial Design and Engineering

Bachelor's program

The joint project of SPbSUITD, FORMA Industrial Design studio, and the Saint Petersburg Union of Designers.

  • The program trains specialists for the industry's real needs rather than conceptual, abstract designers
  • Students design industrial products, master 3D modeling programs, study presentation design programs, visualize in the real-time rendering program
  • Students better visualize projects in VR using computational capacities of the Laboratory of Virtual Fashion and Digital Design. Neural network use experiments are also conducted here while industrial design products are designed and developed
  • The course program includes design of tableware, furniture, wearable electronics, security systems, household appliances, medical and manufacturing equipment, and transport
Daria Pyatasheva, Kazakhstan. She entered SPbSUITD Institute of Industrial Chemistry and Ecology and moved to Saint Petersburg

When I was a child, I visited Saint Petersburg and fell in love with this city. Since then I had been dreaming of living here. I was going to devote my life to chemistry, and SPbSUITD offered a great opportunity to pass entrance exams through the field team in Kazakhstan. And at the moment I am about to obtain a residence permit in Russia.

The university promotes students, holds tours and seminars in cooperation with other companies where you can not only acquire additional skills but also get a job. That's how I undertook a summer internship at the industrial enterprise where I continued to work later.


Master's program 

SPbSUITD has been developing an advanced industrial field – digital fashion. To train deficient personnel, the university launched Russia's first Master's program in Digital Technologies in the Fashion Industry. The program partners are THE Studio, the multimedia company specializing in creating digital avatars; the Synticate creative agency, and Cerevrum web and VR product developer.

At the Laboratory of Virtual Fashion and Digital Design, students model digital clothes, create avatars and metaworlds, and solve manufacturing digitalization tasks.

Students have an opportunity to launch their own startup. Their works will be assessed by experts of the new technology market WearNet as part of the National Technology Initiative. Promising projects will be recommended to the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises to get development grants.

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