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Healthcare and medical science specialties are traditionally among the most popular programs with applicants.

In Russia, there are around 70 universities where you can get a medical education in all modern fields  – from general practice to radiology. You can study medicine both at specialized medical universities and separate medical faculties specializing in different fields.

The professions related to physical and mental well-being of people imply a heavy responsibility, a serious and attentive approach, common sense and well-managed actions.

Today there are plenty of medical fields to choose from. Biomedicine, dentistry, dietology are still among popular fields. Besides, experts say that new specialties will appear in the coming years.

Online doctor (telemedicine doctor)

Online doctor is considered one of the most promising professions in medicine. The doctor diagnoses the disease and delivers medical care remotely using video conferencing and examines patients using sensors and applications scanning the body and transmitting the information to the doctor. In Russia, telemedicine was officially approved in 2018. You can master this profession by taking a basic General Medicine course.


Geriatrician helps elderly people cope with age-related changes so that they can maintain independent lifestyles as long as possible. You can get an education as part of one of the programs related to social work and developmental psychology.

Tissue engineer

Tissue engineering is rapidly developing. In the near future, we will  be able to replace any human organ which is damaged, lost, or even missing from birth.

You can obtain a specialist qualification by pursuing the Bioengineering Systems and Technologies program and earn an academic degree in Biomedical Engineering of Artificial Organs.


Their activity is at the nexus of psychology and neuroscience. They study the relationship between the structure and principles of mental functioning and mental processes and human behavior.

IT geneticist (genetic counselor)

The genetic counselor  chooses drugs for treatment or prevention of hereditary diseases based on the DNA analysis,  chooses a diet and a type of physical activity. The specialist also works with married couples, identifies possible hereditary diseases of an unborn child and assigns additional studies and procedures to minimize the risks of transmission of these diseases.

This field  is still in its infancy, but even today scientists say that genomics is a true revolution in medicine. You can master the profession by pursuing the programs such as Genetics; Genomics; Medical Biochemistry; Molecular Biotechnologies.

Developer of cyber prostheses and implants

The specialist develops smart prosthetic devices and creates artificial organs which are not rejected by the organism.  Movements of prostheses are very much like natural ones, they are easy-to-use.

You can master this profession by pursuing the programs such as Cyber Physical Systems; Bioengineering Systems and Technologies.

Design engineer of medical robots

The profession ranks among the Top 5 promising fields in healthcare. The specialist develops and programs robots for medical use and for surgical purposes in particular. The specialist performs the functions of design engineer working on a mechanism, programmer developing robot software, and specialist with knowledge of medicine, all at once.

You can get a required education by pursuing programs such as Medical Cybernetics or Bioengineering and Robotic Systems.

Medical gadget developer

They develop equipment used by doctors for diagnosis and treatment of patients. To become a medical gadget developer, you should study  Engineering in Biomedical Practice or Bioengineering and Medical Devices and Systems at the university.

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