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While choosing the study field at university, some have already decided on a future profession, others are still soul-searching. In any case, everyone strives for self-fulfillment as well as a neat salary.

Nowadays, the jobs that used to be not so popular are in high demand, such as IT and HR specialists, recruiters, creative designers, coaches, analysts. Also, the employers always welcome graduates from medical and pedagogical faculties, as well as engineers. It does not have to be a strictly office job, either — the freelance market in various fields is gaining traction.

This review explains which specialists are now in special demand and what salary you can expect working according to your degree.

IT industry

New applications, services, programs — all this is so popular now that the IT industry remains steadily at the top of employment ratings. This sphere includes everything related to programming, robotic engineering, nanotechnologies and quick data transfer.

If you are good at mathematics and analytics, ready to study not only programming language but technical English as well, you are most likely to succeed in this sphere. The demand for skilled IT specialists is growing fast, the same can be said about their salary.

What do you want to become?

  • Programmer
  • System architect
  • Software developer
  • C++ specialist
  • Cybersecurity specialist
  • Web engineer
  • System engineer
  • System administrator
  • Data analyst
  • Internet marketer
  • System analyst
  • SRE engineer (monitoring engineer)
  • Web platform developer
  • Tester

What salary can you expect?

By specialization (average, RUB)

Management 145,000
Development 120,000
Analytics 100,000
Design 90,000
Programming 87,000
Marketing 87,000
Testing 85,000
HR 70,000
Content 70,000
Sales 70,000
Support 55,000

By region (average, RUB)

Moscow 150,000
St.Petersburg 130,000
Nizhny Novgorod 108,000
Samara 90,000
Yekaterinburg 90,000
Volgograd 90,000
Novosibirsk 90,000
Ufa 85,000
Perm 80,000
Kazan 80,000
Krasnodar 80,000
Rostov-on-Don 76,000
Omsk 70,000
Krasnoyarsk 68,000
Chelyabinsk 66,000

System/IT administrator

Makes sure hardware and software function correctly and the data is secure. In general, a system administrator is the one who office workers call for help if anything computer-related goes wrong. This specialist explains the risks and detects the source of a threat in case of a suspicious e-mail or if a strange website is opened.

IT specialists are needed at offices, libraries, banks, private and state-owned companies — anywhere where several people work on computers or laptops. The salary depends on the company level, 40,000 — 50,000 RUB on average.

Webmaster and web programmer

Develops the structure and logic of new websites and provides tech support for the existing ones, for major companies or private persons. Programming language and graphic editor skills are required.

Usually, a team of developers creates a complete website. Smaller tasks are completed by one person. By doing tech support for an active website you can earn 30,000 — 40,000 RUB on average, for creating a new one you can get paid up to 120,000 RUB.

Database administrator

This specialist projects the database, develops technical requirements for it and is responsible for its effective use and support. Apart from that, the administrator manages users’ accounts and protects them from unauthorized access. Good technical English skills are optional but preferable.

All major companies have databases of their own: from chain stores to banks and state structures. This profession is ranked among the top 50 most in-demand professions, per Labor Ministry of Russia. The average salary is 20,000 — 50,000 RUB, depending on the company and workload.

Game developer

Develops software for video games. This specialist has a rather broad range of skills: he or she single-handedly creates the program code of the game, manages its visualization and design.

You can choose between working at major companies that develop popular games or creating simple games on your own. The average salary of a game developer at a company is 50,000 RUB. A custom project can bring you 100,000 — 130,000 RUB.


Looks for possible errors in the functionality of a product or a program with the help of a specially created algorithm. Simulates various cases that may appear during the use of the test subject, so that developers could correct the detected errors.

This job is available at tech departments of major corporations, banks or IT companies that do project work. This IT specialist’s salary depends on the test subject and the kind of company. On average, a tester earns from 50,000 to 100,000 RUB.

Software analyst

Organizes programmers’ work, makes it easier and more effective, is responsible for choosing the development methodology, choice or creation of frameworks, also prepares documents for the future software product and plans the deadlines. A software analyst presents the interests of the company’s programmers to the client.

System analysts are in great demand. They are required at major corporations and smaller IT companies to complete various tasks. The average salary is 60,000 — 200,000 RUB depending on the company.

Software architect

Projects software architecture, makes basic decisions about the construction of a program system and its technical interfaces. Develops technical scenarios, creates the protocols of the interaction between the program components, breaks it into technical subsystems. Basically, the skills of an IT architect are rather specific and are clear only to fellow IT specialists.

This job is offered at major IT companies that develop and sell software. Software architects can earn 160,000 — 220,000 RUB.

SEO specialist

Promotes websites in search engines. Manages inner and outer optimization of a website, making it appear at a higher position in search results by particular keywords. Increases the amount of visits from search engines and improves website profitability.

Both private persons and big companies that do major tasks need SEO specialists. The salary is 35,000 — 65,000, the work can be done remotely.

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