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The "country" of mountains, canyons, waterfalls, chudu scones, flavorous coffee, the UNESCO heritage, multi-colored carpets, and the lezginka dance.

An acquaintance with the republic usually begins with its capital – Makhachkala – the largest city in the North Caucasus. Initially, the city founded by Peter the Great was known as Port Petrovsk and was the southernmost port in Russia in those days. Later, the city was renamed in honor of Makhach Dakhadaev, a national hero of Dagestan.

To see all the beauty of the city, be sure to ascend the observation deck of the Tarki-Tau mountain, get down to the Caspian Sea, walk along Rhodope Boulevard, taste delicious national cuisine. At the beginning of autumn, take part in the Caucasian Mineral Waters are the Pearl of Russia hot air balloon festival.

To cover long distances in the city, you can use public transport or call a taxi. For mountain trips, you'd better rent a car.

In Derbent, the most ancient and the southernmost city in Russia, which is about 5,000 years old, you can and should walk not to miss anything. For example, make it along meandering streets to the synagogue, Russian church or Juma Mosque built in the 8th century, call at the carpet museum in the former Armenian church, touch the walls of the oldest Naryn Kala fortress recognized as the world heritage site. By the way, it's because of the walls of this citadel that Derbent got its name which means "narrow" or "locked" gate.

Here you can find plenty of orchards with pomegranates, figs, lemons, medlar, grapes, apricots, and Russia's famous walnuts. The ancient plane tree in Derbent became the best tree of Russia in 2020.

In 2006, Derbent was awarded the UNESCO Prize as the most tolerant city in the world.

universities including 16 branches
≈ 2 000
international students

Dagestan is considered the Russia's most ethnically diverse region. Over 80 ethnic groups and nationalities live there.

Guests bring happiness into our home! Don't be surprised if you'll be invited to someone's house and fed like the dearest guest after a short talk. Local residents are famous for their hospitality.

As the territory consists of mountains, lowlands, and semideserts, weather conditions differ. In highland Dagestan, the climate is moderate continental. Closer to the coastline, it changes to subtropical. What is peculiar about the climate in Dagestan is when it's hot in one part, it's twice as cold in the other part.

Minimum Monthly Expenses

26,709 rubles (as of july 2020)

6,405 rubles – consumer food basket

6,405 rubles – other goods and services

13,899 rubles – renting a one-room apartment

The Republic of Dagestan ranks high in Russia by life expectancy.

The diversity of Dagestan cuisine will surely make you happy. It includes mutton, chudu scones, khinkhal (boiled pieces of unleavened dough), pies, trout, mountain cheese, apricot porridge with urbech (paste made by grinding together raw seeds and nuts), kurze (meat dumplings), and many other dishes.

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