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Far Eastern Federal University is a leading research and education center in the Asia-Pacific Region. The modern campus on the shore of the Sea of Japan, geographical proximity and well-developed cooperation with international partners make the university a major international innovation center.

Institutes and schools

  • Advanced Engineering School "Institute of Biotechnologies, Bioengineering and Food Systems"
  • Institute of Mathematics and Computer Technologies
  • Polytechnic Institute
  • Institute of High Technologies and Advanced Materials
  • Institute of Oriental Studies – School of Regional and International Studies
  • Institute of the World Ocean
  • Institute of Life Sciences and Biomedicine (School)
  • School of Economics and Management
  • School of Law
  • School of Arts and Humanities
  • School of Education
  • School of Medicine

Virtual campus tour
VK – @fefudvfu
Telegram – @fefudvfu
Youtube – @dvfuru

Tuition fees per year

110,000 – 425,000 RUB

FEFU representative offices abroad

  • Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Beijing, China
  • New Delhi, India, at Amity University

International cooperation

  • 260+ international agreements and memoranda
  • Joint research
  • Double degree programs
  • Academic exchange programs, organizing and holding international conferences, seminars, summer schools
  • Students and teachers' participation in international grant programs

Center of Russian Language and Culture

Depending on the major chosen to pursue in the future, the preparatory department attendee can choose one of the programs.

Study areas: humanities, economics, engineering and technology, and medicine and biology

Learning format – offline
Tuition fee 141,848 RUB

+7 924 424-94-64
+7 423 265-24-24, ext. 2871

Lyudmila Tekutyeva, Director of Research and Production Corporate Group Arnika, Director of FEFU Advanced Engineering School

Studying at AES is not a standard mode where students gain a lot of knowledge in the lecture format. We provide as much practical training as possible so that students can apply the theory in the working process at once, that's exactly why they spend over 70% of their study time on scientific and practical research. Our School provides students with everything they need: experimental, analytics and expert databases. Studies turn out to be comprehensive, that's why graduates will be able to easily find a job later.

English-taught programs (Bachelor's and Specialist's programs)

General Medicine

Students gain fundamental knowledge of medical majors:

  • therapy
  • surgery
  • obstetrics and gynecology
  • traumatology and orthopedics
  • nervous diseases
  • anesthesiology
  • intensive care
  • intensive therapy
  • pharmacology
  • X-ray radiography and diagnostic radiology
  • clinical and laboratory diagnostics
  • public health and healthcare
  • health economics

Graduates have the competencies in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, medical care management at the level of primary medical care.

Molecular Biotechnology

The program is aimed at training biotechnology engineers to work with molecules, genes and cells.

Molecular biotechnology is one of the most dynamic areas of science and technology related to the use of living organisms and biological processes at molecular and cellular levels to produce the products useful to people.

Graduates will be able to work at research centers, research institutes, laboratories.

International Relations

Students learn how to:

  • be knowledgeable in the regional aspects of international and political, economic, information, political and legal and cultural issues
  • analyze international processes and events
  • conduct expert evaluation and provide consulting and other services related to international issues

Graduates will be able to work at government agencies, international organizations, foreign business organizations, PR and information agencies.

+7 423 265-24-24, ext. 2206

Akuoko Ebenezer, Ghana. Public Health

I call FEFU a "treasure island." This is really an island full of golden opportunities. If you offer me any other options, I will always choose Far Eastern Federal University.

English-taught programs (Master's programs)

  • Politics and Economics in Eurasia
  • Offshore and Coastal Engineering
  • Agri-Food Biotechnology
  • Management and Organization of Public Catering Production
  • Leadership and Governance in Public Health
  • Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Russia in the Asia-Pacific
  • International Business and Project Management
  • Russian Language, Literature and Cultural Education

Double degree programs

  • Economics/Management Studies
    University of Maryland Global Campus – UMGC, USA
  • Economics /Finance
    University of Maryland Global Campus – UMGC, USA
  • Economics /Business Administration
    University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Every student may be eligible for scholarship support. FEFU offers a wide range of scholarship programs:

  • Increased state academic scholarship
  • One-time financial assistance
  • Personal scholarships
  • Government scholarships
  • Scholarships from industry partners

FEFU Department of Careers and Scholarship Programs

+7 423 265-24-20

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