Geuriciu Bonde Salomau, Angola. "If I get invited to teach at the VyatSU, I'll stay!"

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Born in Angola, came in handy in Russia! Our insanely interesting interlocutor, student Geuriciu Bonde Salomau, told why he preferred VyatSU to universities in the USA, how he is going to get the university "addicted" to cardio and what is -29 C for a South African. Make yourself comfortable, it will be interesting.

He's got 12 classes of general education with excellent grades, the title of "best electrician" in their field, family, friends, and, well, the Atlantic Ocean is right there too. But does an ambitious young man need this? Give him Russia, learning the Russian language, a bachelor's degree, and now a master's degree. At the same time, the chosen direction made us surprised. Big and strict in appearance, Jeu comprehends the inner world - psychology.

Today he is surprised: in 2014, when he was still living in his homeland, he could not even imagine that learning the science of his dreams would be in the Vyatka outback. On the globe, Jeu saw only 3 countries where he would like to sit at the university desk. Russia, of course, the United States and Great Britain. Why didn't he submit documents to the last two - no answer. And the fact that today he walks in the bitter frost on the Kirov streets, he calls fate.

JEU: I told my father when I was 10 that I would be a psychologist. Then he began to call me "Psychologist-Bond". These words are still close to me. I believe that a person can become happy only if he knows himself, understands his goals, those around him; when he is internally healthy. To be alone in complete harmony is wonderful and necessary. I want to comprehend this science, to understand people, myself. I dream of becoming useful to others!

Here I am at home. Didn't regret a minute. I managed to study back in Kazan. But there was not enough support from the teachers. This made the study difficult. Here at VyatSU everyone is ready to help! Classmates, teachers. I can address any questions, and hold 101 consultations, meetings ... I am not alone. I also like that we, foreign students, are attracted everywhere. I have already received two offers from the university: to become a part of the International Students Association and to partner with the International Students Department to help newcomers adapt, etc.

INT.: Jeu, tell us about your hobby. We know that you are doing cardio workouts, and your classes in the gym are accompanied by awesome afro music!

JEU: Sport is another big hobby of mine! In our country, training similar to the ones I do can be found in many streets in the evening. Music turns on, and people begin to dance, conduct for friends and just passers-by. Leads the one who has experience: one shows, others repeat. I teach Afrohouse, Popstep, Cardio. My dream is to open it at university sites, where students and teachers could train. Perhaps someone has no time to visit the gym, but here such happiness is right in one of the buildings! Lose weight, become healthy!

INT.: What if you are asked to stay and teach after graduation? Will you accept?

JEU: If the offer comes from the university, I will accept it and stay here!

INT.: By the way, do you miss your homeland? You haven't seen your relatives for 5 years.

JEU: We see each other often online. I will definitely choose a time and visit my parents. And maybe I will invite them here. If only frosts such as ones now, could be "turned off". For residents of Angola, +14 is a signal to warm up. And here it is totally different! I'm afraid to go out in winter!

INT.: Thank you for the interview and your energy! Let everything that you dream about come true, psychology will be conquered, training will bring results, and an offer for cooperation will sound.

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