Vyatka State University. Acquaintance

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VyatSU is a classical multidisciplinary university that trains specialists in engineering and humanities. Among its graduates are successful experts in all fields, from history and law to civil engineering and information technology.

Degree Programs > 250

  • Electric Power Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Design
  • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • Economics and Management
  • History, Cultural Studies, Philosophy
  • Advertising and Journalism
  • Pedagogy and Psychology
  • Law

Tuition fees per year

College 53,000—68,000 RUB
Bachelor’s programs 98,000—190,000 RUB
Master’s programs 104,000—121,000 RUB
Postgraduate programs 121,000—128,000 RUB

Key Enrollment Dates—2021

Preparatory faculty

  • March 1
  • October 1

Degree programs

  • June 19–July 10 – state-funded places
  • June 19–August 10 – fee-paying places

Preparatory Department

Study areas

  • Humanities
  • Natural Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Economics


  • 1 year October—September
  • 1.5 years March—October

Tuition fee

  • 99,000 RUB ≈ 1,350 USD

VK – Education for foreigners in Kirov (Russia)

Josue Lopez, Guatemala. Faculty of Electrical Engineering

It has always been my dream to enter a Russian university. I got acquainted with the Russian language and culture during my study placement in Kirov. Five months later, I decided to stay here. I like the city. I've made new friends and acquaintances. I thought it would be difficult to get admission, but the university staff members helped me prepare the documents and undergo all procedures. Of course, I had some trouble with my studies in the beginning. But my Russian was gradually improving, and my language learning progress made things easier for me. The teachers help me. If I don’t understand something, they will certainly explain it.

Master’s Programs in English

  • Energy and Resource Saving Processes in Chemical Engineering, Petrochemistry and Biotechnology. Material Resources Recycling Technology
  • Strategic Management
  • Energy Efficient Buildings

University Science. Priority areas

  • Artificial Intelligence Technology
  • Big Data Technology
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Polymeric Materials for the Industry of the Future
  • Innovative Electrical Energy Sources
  • Environmental Monitoring and Protection Technology
  • Forest Protection and Reforestation Technology
  • Digital Design Technology in Mechanical and Civil Engineering

Let's Go To Kirov From Moscow

Train: travel time is 12 hours, the fare is 1,250 RUB and more
Plane: travel time is 1.5 hours, the fare is 1,300 RUB and more
Car: travel time is 17 hours

University Infrastructure At A Glance

  • 23 educational buildings
  • 8 comfortable dormitories
  • A well-developed chain of gyms for fitness, football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling and other sports, a university swimming pool—all of these facilities are within walking distance of the dormitories and the educational buildings
  • The research library, the botanical garden, the student architecture center, the tourism center, the student media center create a favorable environment for intellectual development
  • The university's health care center, free for students, the psychological assessment and counseling center, medical rooms in the educational buildings—the university takes care of its students' health!

Dormitory Check-In

Vyatka State University offers accommodation in comfortable dormitories for all international students.
Accommodation fee per month: 650 RUB ≈ 10 USD

Viktoriya Bazarvayeva, Kazakhstan. Institute of Biology and Biotechnology

It's very important to study at a university where you can feel comfortable and get the necessary professional qualifications. VyatSU meets these criteria. Our university boasts an active student and academic life. It regularly holds creative events, contests, and scientific conferences. The university has comfortable dormitories. That's vital for students! There are kind and helpful people around us. Among them are the international department specialists, the dean's office staff members, and just empathic students.

The Kirov Region is located in European Russia. VyatSU is located in the city of Kirov, the capital of the region.

  • Population of 500,000 people
  • Quiet and safe city
  • Well-developed infrastructure
  • High healthcare standards
  • Picturesque natural sights

Kirov and the Kirov Region are excellent places to live and study!

European climate with warm summer and snowy winter is an opportunity to lead an active life all year round.

Average Temperature

-12 °С in January
+20 °С in July

Not only university classrooms and research libraries, but also concerts, theaters, fitness studios, Russian steam bath, competitions, eco-friendly hiking in the region, and traveling around Russia— that's what VyatSU will offer you.

Additional Expenses

10,000 RUB (≈ 140 USD) and more per month – a consumer basket
8,500—10,000 RUB (≈ 120—140 USD) per month – renting a one-room apartment in Kirov

Göksenin Berkay Kyrömeroglu, Turkey. Preparatory faculty

Since my first days in Russia, VyatSU's International Department staff members have been helping me. They speak English fluently, that’s why I didn't have any trouble due to the language barrier. I like the way they teach Russian here. I've been studying it for five years already, but I never felt that I knew Russian as well as I do now.


+7 912 721-16-93 WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram
VK – Association of foreign students in VyatSU
Instagram – @univer_vyatsu (Meta is recognized as an extremist organization in Russia)

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