The Rules To Avoid Deportation

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What should I do if I did not return to the place of my registration in time for any reason?

SPbPU: Foreign citizens must have the originals or certified copies of their current documents: international passport, migration card, registration certificate.

What should I do if I have been invited over to another region?

VlSU: If you are going to visit another region, you should inform the Center of International Education (Dean's Office for International Students) of your trip in advance. You must also inform the dormitory staff if you live in the dormitory and coordinate the travel dates with the Dean’s Office. Besides, you had better travel during your study-free time.

You must bring along your passport, foreign citizen arrival notification (registration certificate), migration card, and a VHI policy. After coming back, do not forget to inform the Center of International Education of your arrival.

SPbPU: If foreign citizens visit another region, they must bring along their current documents, notify the passport and visa support department about the dates of their departure and return. Upon arrival in Saint Petersburg, they must get a new registration at their place of stay (in case of reregistration in the region).

SibFU: If you are planning a trip, notify the SibFU’s Protocol Department in advance at +7 391 206-39-44. Get ready to submit electronic ticket copies.

What should I do if I have lost my documents?

VlSU: If you have lost an important personal document, you must inform the university's competent service, the Center of International Education in our case. The staff will tell you how to act in a difficult situation, what you should do to have the lost documents re-issued.

If you have lost the most important document— the passport, you must report your loss to the police at once. You will get a certificate that confirms an acceptance of your application. With this certificate, contact a consular division of your country's embassy. You will get further instructions there.

Much depends on your country's legislation. Sometimes you can get a passport at the embassy. In some cases, foreign citizens must leave for their country to get a passport. In the latter case, the consulate will issue a "homecoming certificate" that will allow you to leave for your country of permanent residence without any obstacles.

If you have lost your migration card and/or registration certificate, inform a competent university staff member about it. They will schedule your appointment with the office of the Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Here you will report your loss and get necessary instructions on obtaining duplicate copies.

SPbPU: If an international student has lost their documents: international passport/ID, migration card, registration certificate, they must contact the university's passport and visa support department. The department staff will consult them and help them have their documents re-issued.

SibFU: You must immediately contact the Social and Cultural Adaptation Group at +7 902 966-13-60 for further instructions.

What should I do if the police have arrested me?

SPbPU: International students must always have current documents or their certified copies: international passport, migration card, registration certificate.

SibFU: If the police have arrested you for any reason, you should immediately inform the Social and Cultural Adaptation Group at +7 902 966-13-60.

What should I do if I have been hospitalized for a few days?

VlSU: The first thing that can help you in case of illness is a health insurance policy. There are a lot of VHI policies in Russia—different companies offer all kinds of insurance. Act responsibly while choosing a package of services in the policy. You should take into consideration your state of health, chronic diseases.

If hospitalized, you must inform, first of all, a competent university staff member. At VlSU, contact the Center of International Education. You can write or call yourself or ask your friends to do it. For such cases, you must always have the contacts of the international student support department. If you have no such contacts, try to inform any university representative—advisor, teacher, Dean’s Office staff member, campus staff member and ask them to pass the information along to the international services.

You must explain in detail what has happened, where you are, whether you have contacted the insurance company, and what you need now.

You must also inform your advisor or group monitor so that your stay in the hospital does not disrupt your academic progress. Be sure to get a hospital certificate specifying your diagnosis and doctor’s advice.

SPbPU: If an international student is hospitalized for any length of time, they are registered there according to the law. So, their registration, effective up to that moment, is suspended.

While being discharged, you must get back your registration certificate from the hospital. With this certificate and the package of documents, international students living in the university dormitories must contact the passport and visa support department within three days for a new registration in the dormitory.

International students living at private addresses must register at this address by contacting the landlord.

SibFU: In case of a serious illness or an injury requiring hospitalization, you must inform the Social and Cultural Adaptation Group at +7 902 966-13-60 or by e-mail

After being discharged, on the very first business day, you must register again at the SibFU’s Protocol Department. You must bring along your passport, migration card, a statement from the dormitory, two copies of passport pages with markings, and two copies of your migration card (on both sides).

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