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Achieving financial independence is a great goal, especially for students. Special programs help international students partially solve financial problems. After students are enrolled in state-funded places at Russian universities, they get basic scholarships. If they study on a contract basis, they can receive partial reimbursement for tuition fees. To that end, they must win a grant or get a discount for high scores in the university’s internal exams. Besides, citizens of some foreign states will be able to spend study grant funds on other purposes pretty soon. Such support measures make life considerably easier for students, which is undoubtedly very good.

Types of grants and scholarships

All kinds of scholarship programs are available for intelligent, active, and ambitious students, PhD students, medical residents. Among them are Russian scholarships – governmental and regional scholarships, scholarships from charity foundations, industrial scholarships from employers, personal scholarships from private individuals; and international scholarships – the European Union scholarships and major programs from various countries. Some Russian universities establish partnership relations with foreign universities for exchanging and teaching promising students.

You can get special-purpose funding for your research projects, educational and cultural and sports activities. Such financial aid can be provided monthly (mainly as scholarships) or as a one-off payment (grants). There are plenty of programs – you can find some for your goals and projects. Let’s talk about some of them.

Pass your exams without "khvosts*" 

Student "khvost" is a student’s backlog due to bad grades or 'no credit' for some academic subject.

Passing "khvosts" during the additional examination period, you will not get a scholarship for sure.

*"Khvost" literally means "tail"

How to get a study grant?

  • Find a suitable grant or scholarship program
  • Examine the requirements for candidates and make sure you meet all of them
  • Prepare required documents specified on the program website, write a persuasive motivation letter (if necessary), fill in and send an application for participation
  • Wait for an answer

Good luck!

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