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Artem Romaevich Oganov

Famous  crystallographer, educator, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the most prestigious Academia Europaea

Artem R. Oganov is best known for his unique methods for computational materials discovery, crystal structure predictions, study of matter at high pressures. The USPEX computer program developed under his supervision is used by thousands of researchers all over the world. Dozens of his predictions have already been confirmed experimentally and have significantly influenced the fundamental knowledge in materials science, physics, chemistry, and Earth sciences.

Only those people who are better than Artem in something, born to pursue science, enthusiastic about it, have a solid academic background can become members of Artem’s team (laboratory) staff.

– My mother is Jewish, but my father is Armenian. It means that I am Armenian for Armenians and Jew for Jews. I am proud to belong to these nations, but I am also proud to be part of Russian culture.

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